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04 December 2019
Consensus studies as a vehicle to ensure ethical evidence-based policy guidance
Scientific enquiry and the communication of science are essential to achieving universal goals related to development. ...
26 November 2019
UP Vice-Chancellor Professor Tawana Kupe to receive honorary doctorate from Michigan State University
UP Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Tawana Kupe will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate in the Humanities by ...
02 August 2019
Breastfeeding is a father's responsibility
Walking into a local clinic in Malawi, you will be faced with images calling for men to take a more active role in ...
20 March 2019
University of Pretoria team shares reflections on influencing policy change
A team of researchers from the University of Pretoria recently showcased the influence of their policy research at a ...
03 August 2018
Women’s day: Men celebrating women
Men have a vested interest in women's empowerment and gender equality. However, men may be reluctant to participate in ...
07 May 2018
Lessons for Effective Development Planning: Evaluation of the Pre-final Version of the Draft Malawi’s Agriculture Investment Plan (NAIP2)
Helping countries meet SDGs and Malabo commitments through National Agricultural Investment Plans
23 April 2018
A Review of the Draft Liberia Agricultural Sector Investment Plan (LASIP II) for 2018 – 2022 with a Focus on Component 4 of the Malabo CAADP Results Framework
Helping countries meet SDGs and Malabo commitments through National Agricultural Investment Plans
08 March 2018
International Women's Day Special Issue of Development Policy Review profiles an assessment of Malawi's nutrition policy
On International Women's Day, a special issue of Development Policy Review profiles an assessment of Malawi's Nutrition ...
27 October 2017
Seven African countries show how the battle against malnutrition can be won
A number of African countries are taking bold action to tackle malnutrition. They have successfully implemented a range ...
04 September 2017
Solving food insecurity will be no picnic, researchers say
South Africa has a tradition of evidence-based decision making, grounded in the findings of national surveys. But many ...
23 August 2017
Applying health research in South African schools for learners' well-being
A collaborative study involving local and international researchers has created an intervention strategy to help ...
17 August 2017
Driving Change in Nutrition Policy Requires the Confluence of a Number of Key Elements
University of Pretoria Director for the Institute of Food Nutrition and Well-being, Sheryl Hendrik's study across three ...
07 August 2017
New nutrition education programme to help children eat healthy
Through her doctoral work with the Institute for Food Nutrition and Wellbeing at UP, Deborah Kupolati is helping a new ...
26 June 2017
Science has the power to boost farming in Africa. But a lot has to change
Professor Frans Swanepoel from the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship at the University of Pretoria, discusses ...
22 June 2017
UP joins worldwide research project to fight bacteria affecting tropical and subtropical crops
The University of Pretoria (UP) has become a partner in the TROPICSAFE project, an initiative to fight three ...
08 December 2016
When men tackle mother and child health: lessons from Malawi
University of Pretoria PhD candidate Elizabeth Mkandawire's study in Malawi shows how the participation of local ...
02 November 2016
Hear a young journalist explain our new policy analysis tool
After a workshop to validate a new policy analysis tool, a young journalists aired this explanation
23 August 2016
Gendering Malawi’s National Nutrition Policy
University of Pretoria PhD candidate Elizabeth Mkandawire conducted a one-day policy dialogue in Lilongwe, Malawi in ...
22 August 2016
Investing in science can help put food on Africa's plates
'Economic growth alone won't end hunger. Good policies and programmes are needed, too. Scientists and researchers have ...
19 August 2016
Improving collaboration between food security and nutrition researchers and the media: an effort for policy change
The University of Pretoria's Institute for Food Nutrition and Well-being conducted a workshop in June that brought ...