International Conference on Taxation

Celebrating the Triumph of Knowledge and Cooperation: The Success of the International Taxation Conference

Department of Taxation, University of Pretoria 2 and 3 August 2023

The International Conference on Taxation, hosted by the Department of Taxation at the University of Pretoria, unfolded as a remarkable triumph of ground-breaking insights and shared visions. Under the captivating theme of "Distributive Tax Justice in a Global Economy," the conference proved to be a resounding success, uniting tax experts, policymakers, academics, and professionals from around the world in a spirit of collaboration and learning.

The two-day event served as a nexus of wisdom, fostering in-depth discussions on contemporary challenges and opportunities within the sphere of taxation internationally. With a focus on distributive tax justice, participants delved into the pressing need for equitable tax systems that promote economic growth while ensuring fair distribution of wealth and protecting taxpayer rights. The theme resonated deeply with the current global economic landscape, where issues of income inequality and wealth disparity demand thoughtful and innovative solutions.

The conference witnessed an eclectic range of perspectives with keynote speakers, Professor James Alm and Judge Dennis Davis, who offered valuable insights. Engaging panel discussions and interactive presentations facilitated robust conversations, encouraging attendees to consider diverse perspectives and real-world scenarios. The diverse array of topics ensured a holistic exploration of the subject matter and included:

  • Proposals for inclusive fiscal policy;
  • Taxation as a means to achieving gender equality;
  • Barriers to distributive tax justice; and
  • The North/South divide.

The conference boasted an impressive line-up of distinguished speakers, including leading tax professionals, renowned economists, legal experts and esteemed policymakers from across the globe and South Africa. Their contributions enriched the discussions and inspired participants to reconsider existing notions while championing progressive approaches to global tax issues. The captivating debates sparked enthusiasm and a drive to implement effective, long-term tax reform.

Beyond the enriching academic sessions, the conference fostered an environment of camaraderie and networking. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators, forging new partnerships that promise to shape the future of taxation internationally. This aspect of the conference elevated the event from a mere congregation of experts to a catalyst for long-term change and cooperative endeavours.

The International Conference on Taxation showcased the University of Pretoria's commitment to academic excellence and innovative research. As a leading institution in the field of taxation, the university's Department of Taxation in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences further solidified its reputation as a hub of intellectual prowess and cutting-edge scholarship.

In summary, the International Conference on Taxation held by the Department of Taxation at the University of Pretoria on 2 and 3 August 2023 stands as a testament to the power of knowledge-sharing and collective action. The theme of "Distributive Tax Justice in a Global Economy" emphasized the crucial role of equitable tax systems in building a more inclusive and sustainable world. The conference's resounding success lies in its ability to unite diverse stakeholders, generate thought-provoking discussions, and ignite a global drive for change.

Celebrating 21 Years of Excellence: A Night to Remember at the Department of Taxation’s Gala Dinner

University of Pretoria, Department of Taxation Gala Dinner: 2 August 2023

A night of jubilation and reminiscence, the Department of Taxation at the University of Pretoria gathered to commemorate its 21st anniversary with a resplendent Gala Dinner. Held on 2 August 2023, the event served as a grand finale to the first day of the International Conference on Taxation themed "Distributive Tax Justice in a Global Economy." The Gala Dinner was a radiant celebration of two decades of exceptional service, growth, and achievement, with guests enjoying a memorable evening of networking, reflection, and recognition.

The festivities commenced with a captivating cocktail reception, where esteemed guests, including academics, industry leaders, and policymakers from around the globe, had the opportunity to mingle and forge new connections. This networking session embodied the spirit of collaboration that has been the cornerstone of the Department of Taxation's journey to success.

As the evening progressed, attendees were treated to a delightful dinner, featuring an exquisite menu that tantalized their taste buds. The ambiance was warm and inviting, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and joy. The carefully curated dining experience symbolized the attention to detail and dedication that the Department of Taxation has consistently demonstrated in its endeavours.

The Gala Dinner's centrepiece was a brief program that highlighted the remarkable achievements of the Department of Taxation over the past two decades. From ground-breaking research projects to transformative policy contributions, the department's journey was celebrated with pride. Special recognition was given to the individuals whose dedication and hard work had been instrumental in shaping the department's success.

The event served as a platform to express gratitude to all those who have been a part of the Department of Taxation's journey, including faculty members, students, alumni, industry partners, and the wider community. Their unwavering support and collaboration have been vital in realizing the department's vision of excellence in tax education and research.

As the evening unfolded, the Gala Dinner became a bridge between the department's illustrious past and its promising future. Inspiring speeches and heartfelt anecdotes reaffirmed the commitment to push boundaries and continue striving for excellence in the field of taxation.

The Department of Taxation's 21st-anniversary Gala Dinner stands as a testament to two decades of passion, dedication, and accomplishment. As attendees relished a night of elegance, they also celebrated the profound impact the department has made on the world of taxation. This event not only reflected on past glories but also set the stage for an even more prosperous and transformative future. The University of Pretoria's Department of Taxation remains unwavering in its pursuit of excellence, forging ahead with the same fervour that has characterized its remarkable journey thus far.

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