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The University of Pretoria Business Incubator (UPBI) is a rapid business incubator based at the University of Pretoria. We help aspiring young entrepreneurs build the companies that will shape the future by equipping them with the tools, skills and connections that they need to turn that dream into a tangible reality.


We here at the UPBI believe that young entrepreneurs are the drivers who will take the world to greater heights of economic justice and involvement for all. All they need is a kickstart and to be pointed in the right direction.



The UPBI is open to all students of the University of Pretoria, regardless of degree or year of study. To be a part of the incubator as students must first apply with either a business idea or an already running business and then they are interviewed. Once they have passed the application process, students are inducted into the incubator as incubatees. They are then eligible to attend a series of talks hosted by a select group of speakers. The incubatees will thereafter take the knowledge that they have accumulated at the talks and they will then pitch their startups to a panel of judges. Thereafter, the most outstanding startups and incubatees will be selected to be personally managed by the incubator managers to fine tune the startups, get set up to run the business and to meet investors and potential partners.


Never let your business be earthbound. Build it like a rocket scientist. Join us, the take off awaits you.



Starting a business can put you on a rather unpaved gravel road. It can get quite messy and too dusty for you to look ahead and prepare accordingly. Put this to an end, let us help you pave a solid road to success so that starting your business is a smooth journey.