Food Security Policy Innovation Lab


FSP is organized into five components which consist of blended teams from all three consortium members:

C1: Country-Level Collaborative Research (on Farms, Firms, and Markets) and Formulation/Analysis of Policy Options

C2: Country-Level Capacity-Building for Policy (Data, Analysis, Advocacy, Formulation, Consultation, Coordination, and Implementation)

C3: Global Collaborative Research on Support to the Policy Process and Policy Capacity

C4: Engagement in Global Policy Debates on Food and Nutrition Security

C5: Strategic Analytical Agenda and Support to Donor Policy and Strategy

Each component has one component lead at the University of Pretoria who is responsible for developing workplans and activities to meet the goals and objective of FSP. Components C1 and C2 are designed jointly and grouped by region (West Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, Asia) to capture potential geographical spillovers. They are implemented in close collaboration with global components, whose agendas directly support several strategic areas identified in the African Union Commission draft implementation strategy to implement the Malabo Declaration