Dr Katarina Medger

PhD, University of Pretoria

Senior Postdoctoral fellowship

Office: 2-56, Zoology Building

Telephone: +27 (0) 12 420-4872

Email:[email protected]

Researcher ID: I-2622-2019

OrcID: 0000-0003-4964-6761


Reproductive biology and stress physiology of cooperatively breeding mammals

African mole-rats are unique rodents in that many species live in social groups. The group also includes the only two eusocial mammals, the Damaraland mole-rat and the naked mole-rat. In these groups, only one female and a small number of males breed and the rest of the colony are prevented from reproduction through behavioural and physiological mechanisms. One aspect of my research aims to investigate the different reproductive strategies found in African mole-rats and to determine the influence of environmental and social factors on reproduction and colony structure and maintenance. Another aspects looks at how different stressors affect members of a colony to better understand the role of stress in the reproductive suppression of subordinates. Furthermore, my work aims to improve our understand of the ability of social mammals to cope with environmental stressors.


Postgraduate students

Ms. Carien Visser. BSc Honours in Zoology

Mr. Daniel Hart. PhD in Zoology, completed in 2019

Mr. Daniel Hart. MSc in Zoology, completed in 2016

Mr. P.R. de Bruin. MSc in Zoology, completed in 2013

Mr. Christiaan van Niekerk. BSc Honours in Zoology, completed in 2013

Ms. Sasha Hoffmann. BSc Honours in Zoology, completed in 2011

Ms. Claire Relton. BSc Honours in Zoology, completed in 2011



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