Dr Yusuf Abdullahi Ahmed

PhD, Entomology University of Pretoria,

MSc, Instrumental Analytical Sciences, RGU Aberdeen,

MSc, Biodiversity Wildlife and Ecosystem Health, Edinburgh,

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, University of Abuja


Senior Lecturer - Entomology

Phone: +27 (0)12 420-2561

Email: [email protected]

Researcher IDE-4701-2011

Chemical ecology of social insects

My general research interests revolves around the study of the behaviour and chemical ecology of social insects. Specifically, I seek to understand pheromone communication and reproductive dominance in bees, ants and termites at the colony, individual and cellular levels. This I do using a wide range of techniques within the fields of analytical chemistry, behavioural and molecular ecology as well as mathematical biology. Current projects I am involved with include:

  • Investigating the glandular origins and molecular underpinnings of pheromonal signals used by parasitic honey bees (Apis mellifera capensis) in altering the host colonies behaviour.
  • Establishing honey bee regional and sub-species differences in pheromone composition to understand how pheromone diversity contributes to their success along ecological gradients.
  • Determining the influences of beekeeping on general population dynamics (turnover rates, structure) and pathogen loads in South African honey bees.

Besides my main research interests, I am involved in analytical method development for various model systems (plants, insects, microbes), the use of chemotaxonomy as a complimentary taxonomic tool, as well as research into edible insects and entomophagy.

I am a core member of the Social Insects Research Group. Click here for more information about the Social Insects Research Group.

I am affiliated with the University of Pretoria Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) to which I contribute entomological capacity and expertise.


Postgraduate students



Mr Istifanus Aiki. PhD in Entomology

Ms Akua Antwi-Agyakwa. PhD in Entomology

Ms Bethelihem Bekele. PhD in Entomology

Mr Abdelmutalab Gesmalla. PhD in Entomology

Mr Joshua Mbewe. PhD in Entomology

Ms Fiona Mumoki. PhD in Entomology

Mrs Nelly Ndungu. PhD in Entomology

Mrs Beatrice Nganso. PhD in Entmology

Ms Alabimpe Alaide. PhD in Entomology


Ms Chamanti Laing. MSc in Entomology

Ms Lerata Mataeli. MSc in Applied Mathematics

Ms Johanna Pieplow. MSc in Molecular Biology

Ms Zoe van Vuuren. MSc in Entomology


Dr Olabimpe Okosun. PhD in Entomology (2016)

Ms Lerata Mataeli. BScHons in Applied Mathematics (2017)

Ms Anneke Schoeman. BScHons in Entomology (2016)

Ms Zoe van Vuuren. BScHons in Entomology (2015)

Ms Nikita Venter. BScHons in Entomology (2015)

Ms Chamanti Laing. BScHons in Entomology (2014)

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