Dr Almuth Hammerbacher

Dr rer. nat. (Biochemistry), Friedrich Schiller University, Germany

MSc(Agric), Pretoria


Senior Lecturer - Entomology

Research Scientist - Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute


Office: 1-53, Ground Floor, FABI1

Phone: +27 (0)12 420-3934

Email: [email protected]

Chemical interactions

Although it is known that all life is connected by an intricate network of chemical signals, our knowledge on the specific mechanisms of this form of communication is limited. My research focuses on the chemical communication between plants, animals and microbes. I am specifically interested in positive chemical signaling in mutually beneficial microbe-insect and microbe-plant associations as well as negative chemical signals between host plants and their microbial or arthropod attackers. Furthermore, I am interested in the biochemical and ecological forces driving organismal adaptation. In this context I specifically focus on studying biochemical drivers resulting in host specificity in tree pests and pathogens. My research combines methodologies from diverse fields of specialization, including ecology, natural product biosynthesis and analysis, enzymology, genetics, plant physiology, genetic engineering and microbiology.


Postgraduate students


Mr Johannes Christoff Joubert, MSc in Entomology

Miss Dineo Mailula, MSc in Microbiology

Ms Modjadji Makwela, MSc

Mr Bradley Vincent, MSc in Genetics

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