Prof. Adrian Shrader

PhD, University of the Witwatersrand

MSc, University of Natal

BSc Hons, University of Natal

BSc, Ohio State University


Associate Professor in Mammalian Behavioural Ecology

Office: 2-48, Ground Floor, Zoology Building

Phone: +27 (0)12 420-3232

Email: [email protected]

Researcher ID: E-9472-2010

Behavioural ecology of mammalian herbivores

By the broadest definition, I am a behavioural ecologist. However, my research interests also include aspects of conservation ecology and wildlife management. My research focuses primarily on the ecology of large mammalian herbivores (including megaherbivores), their interactions with vegetation, and the factors governing their foraging, habitat use, and movements. Study animals include both wild and domestic herbivores. Ultimately, my research strives to understand the behavioural decisions of herbivores, the information they use to make these decisions, and the effects these decisions have on their ecology. For example, I am fascinated by how small-scale foraging decisions (e.g. bites) may lead to larger-scale patterns (e.g. seasonal shifts in landscape use).

Theoretical questions of interest include 1) optimal diet and habitat selection in heterogeneous environments, 2) spatial distribution of herbivores in relation to resource use, fear, sociality and group dynamics, 3) information gathering and use, 4) animal communication, 5) costs and benefits of living in groups, 6) and the factors influencing the movement of animals. The ultimate goal of my research is to apply ecological theory to the management and conservation of large mammals. At present, I have five major research areas that form the core of my long-term research programme: 1) foraging ecology, 2) the ecology of fear, 3) olfactory communication in mammals, 4) costs of living in groups, and 5) white rhino ecology. However, many of these research interests overlap.


Postdoctoral researchers


Dr Ivana Cinková


Dr Olivier Bonnet

Postgraduate students


Miss Anne Pandraud. PhD in Zoology

Miss Manqhai Kraai. PhD (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

Miss Audrey-Jade Bérubé. MSc (Université Laval)

Miss Arienne Louw. MSc in Zoology

Ms Eva Reid. MSc in Zoology


Dr Doug Makin. PhD (2017)

Dr Melissa H Schmitt. PhD (2017), MSc (Cum laude) (2015)

Dr Courtney Marneweck. PhD (2017), MSc (Cum laude) (2014)

Dr Keenan Stears. PhD (2015), MSc (2012)

Dr Katie Gough. PhD (2015)

Miss Tamanna Patel. MSc (2016)

Miss Kayleigh Muller. MSc (2014)

Miss Lisa Hebbelmann, MSc (2013)

Miss Robyn Khoury. MSc (Cum laude) (2012)

Miss Hugo Valls-Fox. MSc (2011)

Miss Julie Post. MSc (2004)

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