Dr. Heike Lutermann

PhD, University of Hannover, Germany

MSc, University of Bonn, Germany



Lecturer - Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Office: 3-23, First Floor, Zoology Building

Phone: +27 (0)12 420-4627

Email: [email protected]

Researcher ID: A-4692-2008

Behavioural ecology, parasite ecology and ecophysiology

I am a behavioural ecologist with an interest in parasite ecology, host-parasite interactions, ecological immunology, and the evolution of social and mating systems of vertebrates. Employing behavioural, ecological and physiological approaches my research tries to understand the role of parasites as agents of selection and the proximate and ultimate causes driving host-parasite interactions. My focus is on endemic small mammals and the poor knowledge of their biology and parasite communities means that my research also encompasses their basic biology and parasitology. This is necessary to shed light on the links between host behaviour and physiology and the parasite population dynamics. At the same time, these mammalian hosts serve as ecosystem models that help understanding interspecific interactions between parasite species and their effect on energy and nutrient flow and the resulting consequences on host fitness.


Postdoctoral researchers


Dr. Dina Mustafa Fagir. University of Pretoria Postdoctoral Fellow

Postgraduate students


Mr Saeed Mahhamadi. PhD in Zoology

Ms Takelani Makhanthisa. MSc in Entomology (co-supervisor Prof. Leo Braack)

Ms Puseletso Motsomane. MSc in Zoology (co-supervisor Prof. Mark Robertson)

Ms Janine Hoskin. MSc Wildlife Health, Ecology and Management (co-supervisor Prof. Marinda Oosthuizen)

Ms Tasha Ooshuizen. BSc (Honours) in Zoology


PhD in Entomology

Dr. Cornel du Toit. PhD in Entomology (2011)

PhD in Zoology

Ms Sasha Hoffmann. PhD in Zoology (2018)

Dr. Dina Fagir. PhD in Zoology (2016)

MSc in Zoology

Ms. Heather J. Webster. MSc (2017, external)

Ms. Sasha Hoffmann. MSc in Zoology (2014)

Mr. Josh Sarli. MSc in Zoology (2014)

Ms. Elizabeth K. Archer. MSc in Zoology (2014)

Ms. Hermien Viljoen. MSc in Zoology (2011)

Ms. Laura Moore. MSc (2007, external)


Ms. Stephanie Wilson. BSc (Honours) in Entomology (2016)

Ms. Maxie-Leigh Perrings. BSc (Honours) in Zoology (2016)

Mr. Helmut Müller. BSc Honours in Zoology (2014)

Ms. Lanha Burger. BSc Honours in Zoology (2013)

Ms. Tegan Carpenter-Kling. BSc Honours in Zoology (2012)

Ms. Kayleigh Scully. BSc Honours in Zoology (2012)

Ms. Sasha Hoffmann. BSc (Honours) in Zoology (2011)

Ms. Kemba B. Butler. BSc Honours in Zoology (2009)

Mr. Shaun Welman. BSc Honours (2009, external)

Ms. Maeve Maher-McWilliams. BSc Honours (2008, external)

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