Dr Carel Oosthuizen

PhD, University of Pretoria

MSc, University of Pretoria

BSc (Hons), University of Pretoria


First-year Zoology Coordinator / Lecturer

Office: 2-48.1, Ground Floor, Zoology Building

Phone: +27(0)12 420-4402

Email: [email protected]

Molecular ecology and evolution

I mainly focus on the molecular phylogenetics, population genetics and conservation biology in the aquatic environment. Fishes are the main resource exploited from the aquatic environment and extraction has led to a number of undesirable results such as overexploitation and the threat of extinction.

I am interested in identifying the evolutionary processes that have shaped genetic diversity, its distribution, and the patterns that can be observed today. As part of my PhD I have been developing species specific microsatellite markers using 454 Pyrosequencing in three study species. I also performed a telemetry study in Kosi Bay with the aim of determining movement patterns of riverbream, Acanthopagrus vagus, within the Kosi Bay lake system with interesting unexpected results.

During my research career I have been exposed to a number of additional projects that extensively increased my experience in the laboratory and with different systems. The major projects that I am currently involved with, in addition to my own PhD research, are phylogenetic and phylogeography studies on golden moles (Chrysochloridae) and freshwater yellowfish (Labeobarbus). As part the yellowfish project on Labeobarbus natalensis, we are employing a novel approach using Next Generation Sequencing by performing Restriction-site Associated DNA (RAD) tags for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) detection across the whole genome.


Postgraduate students


Mr. Connor S. Stobie. PhD in Genetics


Miss Kerry Reid. BSc (Honours ) in Genetics (2008)

Miss Sandrina Dos Santos. BSc (Honours) in Genetics (2005)

Miss Maria Morabe. BSc (Honours) in Genetics (2003)

Miss Marike Myburg. BSc (Honours) in Genetics (2002)

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