Prof. Sue Nicolson

PhD, Cantab

BSc Hons, Auckland



Senior Research Fellow

Office: 1-20, Ground Floor, Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship

Phone: +27 (0)12 420 6351

Email: [email protected]

Pollinator ecophysiology

My main research interest is in physiological aspects of pollination biology. This includes nectar
production and nectar and pollen chemistry, the preferences of insect and bird pollinators for sugars
and other solutes in nectar, and the osmotic and energetic challenges for sunbirds feeding on dilute
nectars. Current research is mainly focussed on nutritional regulation in honeybees, especially the
interactions between nutrients, toxins and other stressors.


Postdoctoral researchers


Dr. Ezette du Rand. University of Pretoria Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr C. Ruth Archer

Dr Louisa G. Carvalheiro

Dr Fabien Démares

Prof. Trish Fleming

Dr Sue Jackson

Dr Danica Marlin

Dr Lizanne Roxburgh

Prof. Ian G van Tets

Postgraduate students


Mr Marc du Plessis. PhD in Zoology

Mr Kévin Malod. PhD in Entomology

Ms Celiwe Ngcamphalala. PhD in Zoology


Dr Chris Lotz. PhD (1999)

Dr U Wiehart. PhD (2003)

Dr Shelley Johnson. PhD in Zoology (2005)

Dr Hannelie Human. PhD in Entomology (2006)

Prof. Craig Symes. PhD in Zoology (2008)

Dr Angela Köhler. PhD in Zoology (2009)

Dr Susan Sande. PhD in Entomology (2011)

Dr Cromwell Purchase. PhD in Zoology (2013)

Dr Ezette du Rand. PhD in Biochemistry (2015)

Dr Sara Lerch-Henning. PhD in Zoology (2016)

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