Prof. Chris Weldon

PhD, University of Sydney

BEnvSc (Hons), University of Newcastle, Australia


Vice-President - Entomological Society of Southern Africa (2021-2023)


Associate Professor - Applied and Physiological Entomology

Office: 2-8, Ground Floor, Zoology Building

Phone: +27 (0)12 420-3234

Email: [email protected]

Researcher ID: A-2381-2012

Applied and physiological entomology

I lead the Flies of Economic Significance Research Group, which conducts research on the behaviour, ecology and physiology of flies (Insecta: Diptera) that affect human activities in southern Africa. Results from these studies inform sustainable management practices that can reduce reliance on pesticides, but may also facilitate the beneficial use of flies.

I have a research background that encompasses insect behaviour, ecology and physiology. My research has addressed a range of themes using pest fruit flies, particularly the Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera tryoni, and more recently, the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata, Natal fly, Ceratitis rosa, marula fly, Ceratitis cosyra, and B. dorsalis. Much of my research output is applicable to the control of these serious pests using the sterile insect technique while simultaneously addressing important fundamental biological issues including tolerance of environmental stress and the fitness consequences of diet. My current research addresses various interactions between phylogeny, life history, longevity, nutrition, water balance and thermal tolerance using tephritid flies as model organisms.

Students that I supervise are pursuing projects on the invasion of the oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis, in southern Africa, mosquitoes that are vectors for Rift Valley Fever, biting midges that transmit African horse sickness and bluetongue viruses, and blow flies that can be used as forensic evidence or for bioconversion of organic waste. I also co-supervise projects on the thermal tolerance of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), and the African citrus psylla, Trioza erytreae (Hemiptera: Triozidae).

I am affiliated with the University of Pretoria Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) to which I contribute entomological capacity and expertise.


Postdoctoral fellows


Dr Kévin Malod. UP Postdoctoral Fellow

Postgraduate students



Ms Henriek Bosua. PhD Entomology (Stellenbosch University) (Lead supervisor: Prof. John Terblanche)

Ms Rehemah Gwokyalya. PhD Zoology (ARPPIS PhD scholar, co-supervised with Dr Samira Mohammad, Dr Jeremy Herren, Dr Fathiya Khamis and Dr Shepard Ndlela)

Mr Ayubo Kampango. PhD Entomology (co-supervised with Prof. Peter Furu, Prof. Karin L. Schiøler and Prof. Michael Alifrangis, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Mr Maxwell Kibor. PhD Entomology (co-supervised with Prof. Catherine Sole)

Ms Nina Parry. PhD Entomology


Mr Xavier Brits. MSc Entomology (co-supervised with Dr Hannelie Human and Dr John Midgley)

Mr Thulani Masombuka. MSc Entomology

Ms Minah Molomo. MSc Entomology (co-supervised with Prof. Kerstin Krüger)

Ms Pertunia Moropa. MScAgric Entomology (co-supervised with Dr Bernard Steve Soh Baleba)

Mr Sizwe Phungula. MSc Entomology (co-supervised with Dr Robert Nofemela and Prof. Kerstin Krüger)

Ms Tania Pogue. MSc Entomology (co-supervised with Dr Kévin Malod)

Mr Dylan Pullock. MSc Entomology (co-supervised with Prof. Kerstin Krüger and Dr Aruna Manrakhan)

Ms Onkgopotse Seabi. MSc Entomology (co-supervised with Prof. Armanda Bastos)


Mr Dylan Dacre. BSc (Honours) Entomology (with mentorship by Ms Nina Parry, Aegis Environmental)


Dr Kévin Malod. PhD Entomology (2019) (co-supervised with Dr C. Ruth Archer and Prof. Sue Nicolson)

Dr Bernard Steve Soh Baleba. PhD Entomology (2019) (ARPPIS PhD scholar, co-supervised with Dr Merid Getahun)

Dr Charmaine Theron. PhD Entomology (2018) (co-supervised with Dr Aruna Manrakhan)

Dr Samwel Arum Okello. PhD Entomology (2016) (ARPPIS PhD scholar, co-supervised by Dr Rosemary Sang)

Ms Nina Parry. MSc Entomology with Distinction (2017); BSc (Honours) Entomology with Distinction (2014)

Ms Zanthé Kotzé. MSc Entomology with Distinction (2015); BSc (Honours) Entomology (2013)

Mr Christopher Barnard. BSc(Hons) Entomology (2020) (co-supervised with Prof. Kerstin Krüger)

Ms Cheryldene Damon. BSc(Hons) Entomology (2020) (co-supervised with Prof. Kerstin Krüger)

Ms Tania Pogue. BSc(Hons) Entomology (2020) (co-supervised with Dr Kévin Malod)

Mr Dylan Pullock. BSc(Hons) Entomology (2020) (co-supervised with Dr Kévin Malod)

Ms Onkgopotse Seabi. BSc (Honours) Entomology (2018) (co-supervised with Prof. Armanda Bastos)

Ms Megan Coetzee. BSc (Honours) Zoology (2017) (co-supervised with Prof. Kerstin Krüger

Mr Sandiso Mnguni. BSc (Honours) Entomology (2014) (co-supervised with Prof. Sue Nicolson)

Ms Hermina Fourie. BSc (Honours) Entomology (2013)

Mr Arné Verhoef. BSc (Honours) Entomology (2013)

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