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April has become a month dedicated to the celebration of achievement at the University of Pretoria. In the month of April each year the University convenes more than 20 graduation ceremonies with all our nine faculties taking pride in the achievements of their students. It is heartening to know that by the end of April this year we will have held 23 ceremonies where we will have graduated close to 10 000 new graduates, each of whom will be going out into the world to make their mark. In recent years we have seen it fitting to add to the April celebrations a special gala occasion to pay tribute to our academics who have shown exceptional achievement in the preceding year. Since we began this tradition a few years ago, the annual Academic Achievers Awards have become one of the highlights of the University of Pretoria’s academic year.
In acknowledgement of the multi-faceted nature of academic careers, two new award categories have been added this year, the Vice-Chancellor’s Book Award and an award to recognise innovative community engagement. The Chancellor’s Awards and the Exceptional Academic Achievers Awards are intended for those who are already at the highest level of the academic hierarchy whereas the Exceptional Young Researcher Awards are for colleagues who have been identified as “rising stars”. Achievement in the specific areas of teaching and learning and research are recognised via the Education Innovation Laureate Awards and the National Research Foundation’s (NRF) rating system respectively.
Click here to find out more about UP's excellence in varied fields of research as reflected in the annual awards publication. 
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2015 Academic Achievers Awards