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Welcome to the UP Portal help page  
Login to the portal  
You will be able to login to the portal with a student (starting with a "s" for ex. s12345678) and personnel (starting with a "p" for ex. p4141369) usernames.  
Please note you will be identified by a new number called EMPLID. It will appear in the top right corner once you're authenticated.  
Supported browsers  
The supported browsers are Internet Explorer 7.x, Internet Explorer 8.x, Firefox 3.0 - 3.5 and Safari 4.x  
Internet Explorer (IE) version 6 and earlier versions are not supported with the new UP Portal you need to be on version 7 or higher.  
Add / remove portlets  
 To add / remove portlets click on the "Add  / remove portlets" button  
Add / remove button image  
Move portlets (Customize)  
To move portlets, press the "Customize portlets" button  
Customize portlets button image  
Maximize / minimize portlets  
A portlet can be minimized by clicking on the "Maximize / minimize" link in the top left corner of a portlet.  
Maximize minimize link  
Change roles  
A user with more than one role can switch between Portals (eg. Personnel and Student Portal).  
Change roles image