1nSync 2020

Posted on March 11, 2020

1nSync is a concert where only the first years of our house are participating. It is a
dance competition where our first years get he opportunity to show off the fruits off their labour and  compete against other residences. In the week preceding 1nSync,
orientation week, we get together, practice, laugh, dance, make mistakes, help each
other and overall, have fun and get to know one another.
Our theme for this year was Africa. Africa means unity and respect. South Africa is
called a rainbow nation and especially in the times we are in now, we wanted to
incorporate this attitude and belief system into our house and present it to the University. Our theme was an extremely fun
and exciting theme as we did our level best to select songs -such as Impi, Special Star and Stukkie van der Merwe- that have had an impact on all cultures during
the past couple of years - as well as, represent as many different cultures as we could. 
1 February 2020 was the 1nSync performances. 1nSync went very well. The girls
were excited, dressed, painted and had a lot of enthusiasm. Aula was a good
practice round. The girls got a “reality check” of how the stage is when they perform,
how big the audience is and how loud they should sing in order for the crowd to hear.
They did an amazing job in the Amphi. The crowd was standing and singing songs
along with the girls. We placed 3rd overall. I am extremely proud. It was worth the
hard work, less sleep, many cups of coffee and a lot of tears.
To quote Alicia Etsebeth (External Culture '19/'20), "If I got the chance to do it over again, I would do exactly the same."


- Author Alicia Etsebeth & Thandeka Maposa
Published by Thandeka Maposa

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