Miss Vividus 2019: Article

Posted on July 14, 2019

Miss Vividus is the Internal Culture portfolio’s major event. It is a beauty pageant that empowers the young women of the Day House to embrace their inner and outer beauty along with all of their qualities, both good and bad.
Participating in Miss Vividus makes the girls conscious about the importance of community engagement, how good it feels to give back to others, and what little effort it actually takes to put a smile on someone else’s face. This event also teaches you about the different cultures that makes our country so diverse and gives it the name “Rainbow Nation”. You learn to work with others irrespective of all of your differences or similarities.
Walking down this stage in front of this crowd can really make you step out of your comfort zone; it can test your confidence and help you grow your self-confidence. 
Our contestants this evening will be judged based on various criteria, such as:
Display of House values;
Community Engagement;
Stage Presence;
Their answers;
Creativity and
The theme was chosen because we wanted something that could make an impact, not only on our contestants and audience, but also the environment. We sincerely hope that after the pageant show, everyone will be more conscious about their carbon footprint and the impact that they can make – big and small – on their environment.
RAG (Reach Out And Give) is a crucial part of the journey to finding out who the next Miss Vividus will be. The pillars of this portfolio are based on community service and the helping out of others. Community service is seen as voluntary work intended to help people in a particular environment. The aim of which is to help improve the lives of the people we are helping as well as to make a lasting positive impact on society as a whole and that’s why I feel being able to help out community around us plays a very important role as to who we are and for this reason I think that it is quite important for Miss Vividus to be actively involved in community service. After all Miss Vividus becomes an ambassador for the House and can be seen to some as a person to look up to and if it is seen that she is trying to make a world a better place others will do the same. All of the contestants taking part this evening had the opportunity to partake in some community service when they visited the MH Vorster House a few weeks ago(see video below)
The nine (9) contestants battled it out for the following categories:
Miss Personality
Miss Photogenic
Second Princess
First Princess
Miss Vividus
The results for the event were as follows:
Miss Personality: Kyla Bekker
Miss Photogenic: Lize-Mari Ellis
Second Princess: Carmia Venter
First Princess: Lize-Mari Ellis
Miss Vividus: Chabota Mankomba
We would like to thank all who were in attendance and assisted in making the event a success.


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