Natalem 15

Posted on April 16, 2018

Natalem 15

This year is our Day House’s 15th birthday and we are very excited to share this with everybody.  We have decided to change the name from “Feesjaar” to Natalem 15, which is Latin for 15th birthday. We would like to thank Nicole Patterson for coming up with this name and Shannon Dennis for designing the beautiful logo.

Natalem 15 means that our house celebrates its 15 years of exsistance which will include new events and the participation of all previous members.  These events include faculty evening, Natalem Week and Natalem Formal.

Faculty evening: This was a new event created by our “Feesjaar” EC, Ingrid Carette. The purpose of this event was to bring back as many past EC members as possible to celebrate their term in the House as well as the House’s birthday. This was also a time to show the previous EC how we have progressed from the foundation that they set. This event took place on the 23rd of March and was a huge success.

Natalem Week: This event coming up in May, will be a week of celebration where we have many different socials and events. These events will be open to all members, past and present. More information will follow.

Natalem Formal: This will be the biggest event of the year. All past and present members and their partners are invited to an evening of celebration, which will include delicious food, dancing and a night to remember. It will be the best Formal to date since all of you will be there to make it great. More information will follow, so get those dresses ready.

- Author Ingrid Carette
Published by Erika Roux

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