Our Mascot


In 2008 Vividus Ladies celebrated our first Feesjaar (5th Birthday) with the birth of our house mascot ‘Aspiros’ (aka ‘Aspi’) which in Latin means: ‘Full of Fire’. The quest was on to find the perfect symbol for our now, newly developed house, one that would take the house to further heights.

It was decided that ‘Aspiros’ would be a phoenix, the perfect example of starting anew and developing into something spectacular! 

Today, the real-life ‘Aspi’ can be seen at all important events hosted by Vividus Ladies. She even has her own Facebook profile: ‘Aspiros Vivilady’.  She is an extremely beloved member of Vividus.
Each year the Chairperson has the very important responsibility and privilege of looking after ‘Aspiros’ and to protect her from all the men’s residences out to get hold of her.

Fly high Aspiros, our Inspiration - Our Pride!


Published by Thandeka Maposa

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