Information Design and Fine Arts application and selection procedure

Dear prospective students

Thank you for your patience with our correspondence about the application and selection process for BA Information Design and BA Fine Arts. While the UP main campus remains closed, teaching and learning continue from a distance. In light of the uncertainty about returning to campus we have to make some adjustments to this year’s selection process for candidates who wish to study in 2021. Please read carefully through the information in the Q&A format below to familiarise yourself with the adjustments so that you can plan and prepare in advance for the next steps of the selection process.

Do I still need to submit my online UP application by 30 June?
Yes, the 30 June 2020 deadline for online applications still remains. If you haven’t applied already, please visit the following web-page, to begin with your online application:

Please remember to print out the proof of your successful UP online application; you need to submit a copy of this with your portfolio and questionnaire.

When and where do I submit my portfolio and questionnaire?
Since the Visual Arts building remains closed, you have two options to submit your application documents (i,e.: your portfolio, completed questionnaire, and proof of online application):

  1. Drop off your application documents at the entrance to the Hatfield main campus on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. You can start doing so from Monday, 8 June. Please use the University Road entrance, as it is the only entrance that is currently in use (an update will be shared if and when the main entrance is in use so remember to check the UP Visual Arts web page regularly).  We will leave a collection box with the security guard/s on duty. Kindly place your portfolio in the box and ensure that you complete and sign the available submission form to acknowledge the date and time of your submission.

  2. Courier your application documents to the following physical address:
    C/O Visual Arts selection team
    University of Pretoria
    University Road

    For delivery-related queries, you (or the courier company) can contact the University’s 24 Hour UP Operational Manager on 083 654 0476.

The portfolios and questionnaires must reach us by:

What about the interview?
Since a face-to-face interview will not be possible because of social distancing, an interview video will replace the in-person interviews that were supposed to take place at the Visual Arts building in July. If you qualify for the interview round, we will send you some questions and you need to record your responses in a video, which you will share with us. This format still gives us an opportunity to “meet you” virtually.

Please note that owing to this change in interview format, it is no longer necessary for you to contact the Visual Arts administrator to make a provisional booking for an interview and selection tests.

How to prepare the video?
A smartphone camera, if you have access to one, will definitely meet the requirements of your interview video. We request that you keep your video simple and the message clear. The audio quality must be good so that we can hear your message clearly. Other tools, such as a computer or digital camera may also be used if you have access to them, but remember that we are interested in what you have to say to us, instead of your video-making abilities.
If you comply with all the requirements to make it through to the interview round of the selection process, you will receive an email from the selection team with instructions on the following:

  • interview questions, which will serve as your prompts when making the video;

  • technical instructions, including submission guidelines; and

  • tips to consider when making the video.  

To ensure that you receive this important information, please provide the email address, which you check regularly when you provide your contact details for your UP online application.

What types of questions will I need to answer in the video, which will replace the interview?
Since we want to get to know you better, the prompts we provide will be very similar to what we would have asked you during an interview, including but not limited to your motivation and goals, your interests, etc. We want to hear from you, in your own words, about your understanding of the course you’ve applied for and its application in the real world.

If you are a transfer student (i.e.: already registered at UP but wanting to change courses), we would also want to get insight about your reasons for steering your academic path in a different direction.

How will I complete and submit the concept test and the drawing test?
If you comply with all the requirements to make it through to the second round of the selection process, you will receive an email from the selection team with the briefs for completing the concept and drawing test remotely. These briefs will include the instructions and format of the assessments as well as the time needed to complete and submit them to the selection team.

What if I experience any technical difficulties?
We understand that these are difficult times and that you may be experiencing unusual challenges. If you experience any difficulties when putting together the video (i.e.: a lack of adequate resources), please contact the Visual Arts administrator well in advance so that we can assist you in making alternate arrangements. All the necessary information will be shared with you after the 30 June deadline when you have applied online and submitted your portfolio and questionnaire.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to receiving your complete applications soon.

Kind regards,
The Visual Arts selection team

Minimum Requirements for Admission

  • National Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification
  • An Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 30
  • Art as a school subject is NOT a requirement.
  • At least 60% for English language (home or first additional).

Kindly click here to access the undergraduate faculty brochure for detailed information.

Step 1: Application at UP

UP applications for the year 2020 open during March 2020. You must apply online. The closing date for UP applications is 30 June 2020.

Step 2: Application at Visual Arts

The BA Fine Arts and the BA Information Design degrees entail a selection process. You will be required to submit a completed questionnaire and a portfolio.

Questionnaire and portfolio submission deadlines:

  • 30 June 2020 for BA Information Design
  • 14 July 2020 for BA Fine Arts

NOTE: IF you apply for both BA Information Design and BA Fine Arts, you submit only one portfolio and questionnaire no later than 30 June.
Indicate on your submission which of these two programmes is your first option.

After submitting your portfolio and questionnaire, make sure to book an appointment at Visual Arts for an interview and selection tests.
See the following documents for more information:

For additional information on the selection process at Visual Arts, please download the following document:

Step 3: Book for Interview and selection tests

The final selection interviews and tests will take place on the following dates:

  • From 4-11 July for all BA Information Design applicants as well as for all candidates who apply for both BA Information Design and for BA Fine Arts.
    You must book one of these dates for your appointment before or on 30 June 2020
  • From 18-25 July for all candidates who apply only for BA Fine Arts. You must book one of these dates for your appointment before or on 14 July 2020.

Please consult the Selection procedure document for information on how to book your appointment.

General Information
General information for prospective students is available on the UP website or contact the Student Service Centre at (012) 420-3111.

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