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Music only makes me stronger
— Unknown

UP Musaion

UP Musaion

The UP Musaion is the venue of most of the concerts during the 2018 Music Festival

UP Music Department Faculty

UP Music Department Faculty

University of Pretoria Music Festival 2018

Spend a week at the University of Pretoria,

enhance your performance, musical skills and attend concerts…

13th – 18th August 2018


Welcome to the Music Festival hosted by the Music Department of the University of Pretoria.

The Department of Music at the University of Pretoria belongs to the Faculty of Humanities. The department caters for practical music, music technology, music education, music therapy, music psychology and musicology, thus uniting various fields of study that, in Europe, would otherwise be divided between university and conservatory.

Besides offering prospective students top quality tuition in all the usual instruments of Western art music, the department is placing increasing emphasis on the study and performance of indigenous African music, jazz and other popular styles. The department also offers the only Music Therapy program at master's level on the African continent.

Join this department for specialisation in a variety of music studies including performance, composition, musicology, music therapy, music education, music psychology, music technology and ethnomusicology. With 15 full-time music staff and 50 affiliated lecturers, approximately 120 undergraduate and 130 postgraduate music students, a vast network of performance outputs and research studies are produced.

Our facilities include the Musaion auditorium with its excellent acoustics, two Steinway pianos, 6 lecture halls, practice rooms, music library, as well as specialised facilities for music technology, music therapy, music education and African music. 


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