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Class of 2020


 ‘Nothing ever becomes real ‘till it is experienced.’
(John Keats)

Practical Law will alter your perception of the law and transform your reality, every experience will broaden your horizons - embrace it.

-Lara Dreyer


Being a part of the clinic has been incredibly fulfilling. If you are keen to take your legal education to the next level in a dynamic, exciting, and friendly environment, this is it.

-Emmanuel Olusegun


Practical law is truly an enriching experience.

My time in the law clinic is where my passion and desire to practice law was rekindled.

The experience of helping people in need is the most rewarding part of this module.

-Aatika Darmalingam


Theoretical approaches have their place and are, I suppose, essential but a theory must be tempered with reality. I could not agree more with this statement. Law clinic is the only module where you will get practical experience which will prepare you to be a candidate attorney.

-Karli du Preez

Practical law may seem intimidating, but the change to applying what you have learned can be a very refreshing, enriching experience. Welcome to PRR. Now get to work.

-Kurt Varcoe


The following words by Maya Angelou depicts very closely to what you will get at Law Clinic:

It goes like this: “Ask what you want and be prepared to get it.”

I joined Law Clinic with a huge doubt regarding if I’m doing the right thing.

I can tell you today that I got what I asked for:

I got information, I got experience,

I made unexpected friends,

I got challenges as well as disappointments (luckily that was the minimum),

I received warmth, and kindness and laughter…oh yes!

It was an awesome experience, learning a LOT….(don’t forget the blood sweat and tears),

It was great to have walked the walk with our supervisor, Frik.

Frik and Sam were always prepared to the core, Thank you, thank you, thank you Attorneys of 2020 (Sam always called us “class of 2020”),

This was probably the best experience that I could ever ask for.

I got what I asked for AND MORE.

-Elsabe Roets


It's about time you put your theory into practice. And what better way to do so in helping those who can't afford to get legal assistance.

-Nqobile Madida


Law Clinic has been an eye-opening experience for me.

In my opinion, it has been one of the most valuable law modules that I have taken in my university career. Having said that, it is an intimidating and daunting module which has challenged me on a personal level. I believe that Law Clinic develops and prepares the law student for what is to be expected in practice one day. I have grown so much as an individual by interacting with different people and developing my interpersonal skills, simultaneously challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. Further, I have learned skills such as drafting documents and relevant court processes through practical undertakings. Admittedly, it is not only one of the most time-consuming modules I have taken but challenging. However, I would not want it any other way. I am so grateful that I took Law Clinic as I feel that it has prepared me for what is to come next year when doing articles. It has become one of my favourite modules and I thoroughly have enjoyed challenging myself and gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a lawyer, over and beyond just the theory, as well as adding value to so many people’s lives and helping them.

-Kristen de Wet


Suppose studying to become a lawyer is like training to become a chocolate connoisseur. All you've learnt thus far are its ingredients and how it should taste.  PRR 400 offers the chocolate. Are you ready to actually have a taste?

-Zander Morkel


Class of 2019


PRR 400 is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever encounter in your University career. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to help those in need who cannot afford legal services but it provides you with invaluable practical experience, something which is significantly lacking from the traditional subjects at University.

It will be stressful and it requires hard work but rest assured you will find yourself with a significant advantage over your colleagues‘- once you begin your articles. Work hard, apply your mind to everything you do and enjoy it and you will thrive in your first year of articles.

-Jarrod van der Heever  


Clinical legal education is a legal teaching method based on practical learning. It encompasses formal and informal educational programs using practical orientation. It is based on problem solving and interactive learning methods. The practical work done by students on real cases and social issues are supervised by professionals. The educational work done by students assist them in developing their growth using practical skills and assists them in understanding the importance of the role of the socially orientated profession.

-Dineo Jacqueline Maluleka


Doing the PRR module was a lot of fun and filled with memories. It gave me the confidence and skills necessary to work as part of a professional team. No other module through my university career taught me the independence of mind and practical thinking skills required for articles. Even though I am now working in the corporate department at Macrobert the lessons learnt in PRR both theoretical and practical still find great application in my post PRR career. I’m in no doubt that PRR will always be the solid foundation upon which I build my corporate legal career even in future. Taking this module was the best decision I have ever made for myself both for my personal and career development.

-Brian Ramabele


Class of 2018


Having PRR is an incredible advantage when entering the workforce as you are already familiar with the inner workings of a firm. PRR also helped me gain confidence in consulting with clients and made the ‘real world’ seem less daunting.

-Stefanie Bezuidenhout


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