Graduation Protocol and Procedure


Before the official ceremony/proceedings commence:

  • All UP staff will be wearing blue gowns for easy identification in case any information or assistance is required.
  • In case of a medical emergency, a paramedic will be available.
  • No vuvuzelas, whistles or any other instruments will be allowed during the ceremony. All attendants’ cooperation in this regard is appreciated. Should any of the mentioned instruments be used, it will unfortunately be removed.
  • The clapping of hands the only form of acknowledgement recommended.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in the hall.
  • All are requested to switch off cell phones and not to move around in the hall to take photographs or video recordings during the ceremony.
  • Please take note that it is not allowed to take selfies on stage.
  • The photographers will be available in Hall 3A. Candidates are welcome to have additional photos taken after the ceremony. The official photographer will take the photos during the ceremony and these can be ordered from them afterwards.
  • In case of an emergency attendants will be requested to leave the hall in an orderly way. All side doors will be opened to facilitate a speedy exit.
  • Attendants are requested not to leave the hall before the completion of the graduation ceremony.
  • Attendants are cordially requested to stand while the academic procession enters the hall and leaves after the completion of the proceedings.

Procedure during the graduation ceremony:


The procedure commences when the candidate/graduate takes position next to the Dean or representative and hands over the presentation card. The Dean or representative reads the name of the candidate/graduate. Should the candidate/graduate be awarded a prize or medal or obtains the certificate/diploma/degree with distinction, the information will appear on the presentation card and is read by the Dean or representative. Thereafter the candidate/graduate walks over to the Chancellor or representative who congratulates him/her with a handshake and only graduates are then capped with the academic cap. Thereafter the candidate/graduate walks to the Registrar or representative who hangs the academic sash over his/her shoulders. A second photograph is taken during this step. The candidate/graduate is then lastly congratulated by the Chairperson of the Convocation or representative. The candidate/graduate then walks off the stage to the table where his/her certificate/diploma/degree is handed to him/her. Another photograph of the candidate/graduate is taken here. Candidates/graduates should please return to their seats after the process.

Doctoral candidates:

Doctoral candidates take position next to the Dean or supervisor and are then introduced to the audience. The last paragraph of his/her citation is read. Thereafter the same procedure as for other graduates is followed.

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