Do you consider applying for a sport bursary?


Please Note the Following Conditions will apply:

  • Bursaries are only awarded to full time registered students who have been accepted for their planned study course at the University,
  • Bursaries can only be awarded to an applicant for one sport code ONLY i.e. NO double funding,
  • Successful bursars will be required to sign a written contract,  
  • Being awarded a Sport Bursary for a specific year does not mean that the bursary holder will automatically receive it the following year.  Yearly re-application will be expected of the bursary holder,
  • Sport Bursaries are refundable to the university when a student does not adhere to the contractual agreements,
  • You do not have to study Sport to apply for a Sport Bursary,  
  • If you apply for a Sport Bursary ensure that the University offers that specific sport
    (Click for sport codes on offer at TuksSport)

Criteria for awarding Sport Bursaries

All applicants should be committed to sport and should have competed at least at a national/regional/provincial level or at school first-team level in more than one sport.

Application forms are not available online and can be requested via email from [email protected]

*NOTE: Wrong and/or incomplete information will lead to the immediate cancellation of the application. 

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