Residence Management

Residence Management

Tuksdorp Administrator (House Parents)

Edwin Smith and Helen Smith are the house parents at Tuksdorp. The Smiths commenced their association with Tuksdorp as Tuksdorp Administrators in January 2007.

Edwin is the Director of the University of Pretoria’s Mamelodi Campus. Before taking on this responsibility in 2004 when the campus was incorporated into the university, he served the University of Pretoria as Director: Corporate Marketing and Communications.

While exiled from South Africa since the mid-1980's, Edwin lived and studied for a number of years abroad and returned to South Africa in 1999 to take up a position as Director in the Office of the Minister of Trade and Industry. Prior to this he was director of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey's (USA), Council for Southern Africa. This is Rutgers University’s international studies program focusing on Southern Africa.

Helen is from Derbyshire in the United Kingdom where she was an Education Social Worker. She is now the South African Representative of the Mamelodi Trust, a UK-based charity that supports education in Mamelodi. In addition to this work, Helen has undertaken some further studies with the University of Pretoria.

Letter from the House Parents

An international welcome at the University of Pretoria

As the House Parents, we welcome you to Tuksdorp.

Established in 1993, Tuksdorp is one of three University of Pretoria residences for postgraduate and international students. In 1997 Tuksdorp appointed us as the first ever live-in Administrators of the residence. A year later we were appointed to full Heads of Residence. Our chief responsibilities are to manage Tuksdorp as a university residence in a more immediate and direct manner for the benefit of all Tuksdorp residents.

At Tuksdorp, we promote and celebrate the moto: ‘many nations, one spirit’. Tuksdorp students come from all over the world and attest and contribute to the University of Pretoria’s declared vision to strive to be the intellectual home for the rich diversity of South African and, we add, international talent.

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy your time with us.

Edwin and Helen Smith

House Parents



Previous House parents

From 1993 Dr Breedt was the first Administrator at Tuksdorp until 2006 when he retired from this responsbility and was succeeded by the Smiths as Administrators and later as Heads of Residence.


The Tuksdorp Management Committiee

As a residence, Tuksdorp is managed by the Head of Residence with the assistance of a Management Committee (Mancom). Previously the Mancom was made up of up of eight (8) Tuksdorp residents. In 2010, Tuksdorp restructured the Mancom, reduced the number of committee members to four and augmented their responsibilities to reflect an integrated management structure.

Residents apply for positions on the Mancom and the successful applicants are selected on the basis of their leadership abilities and care and concern for building a community in the residence.

The Head of Residence and the Management Committee are to:
• manage the affairs of the residence;
• promote and maintain a suitable academic environment;
• ensure considerate, respectful and mature conduct among residents;
• manage internal and external communication;
• hold regular meetings to discuss matters concerning residents;
• promote and maintain a safe and secure environment in Tuksdorp; and
• be available at all times to assist Tuksdorp residents.

Management Committee

TuksDorp Management Committee 2010/11

Edwin and Helen Smith:          Head of Residence
Ian Stevens:                               Chairperson
Mmatshepho Pasha:                Vice-Chairperson
Bradley Boxshall-Smith:          Treasurer
Dumisani Mgaga:                     Secretary


  Edwin and Helen Smith:          Head of Residence
Nomkhosi Mlaba:                      Chairperson
Likeleli Qhomane:                     Vice-Chairperson 20/08/2009—10/02/2010
Ian Stevens:                                Vice-Chairperson
Bruce Andinda:                          Treasurer: 20/08/2009—10/02/2010
Megan da Costa:                       Treasurer
Tebogo Tsebe:                          Secretary
Edwin and Helen Smith:             Head of Residence
Philani Msomi:                              Chairperson
Antoine Dymond:                          Deputy Chairperson
Nomkhosi Mlaba:                         Secretary and Socials
Innocent Gumede:                       Treasurer and Comms (Sport and Recreation till end 2008)
Ncamsile Dlamini:                       Treasurer and Comms (till end 2008)
Anja Buitendag:                             International Liaison and Culture
Adél Calitz:                                      International Liaison and Culture (till end 2008)
Karabo Mashaba:                         Discipline, Safety and Security
Ernest Rambau:                           Sport and Recreation
Cynthia Opare-Kumi:                   Academics, Facilities and IT
Edwin and Helen Smith:             Head of Residence
Tobile Gqili:                                   Chairperson
Gibson Nyathi:                              Deputy Chairperson
Jacqueline Grové:                        Secretary and Socials
Antoine Dymond:                          Treasurer and Communications
Audrey Selekani:                           Academics and Facilities
Daphney Seome:                          International Liaison and Culture
Konstable Selebedi:                    Discipline, Safety and Security
Hercildo Maspuenganhu:           Sports and Recreation
Dr. Andre Breedt:                          Administrator till end 2006
Edwin and Helen Smith:             Administrator till end 2007
France Mjengu:                             Chairperson (Deputy Chairperson till end 2006)
Oscar Madlala:                              Chairperson (till end 2006)
Johanna Bapela:                          Secretary and Socials
Jacqueline Grové:                        Deputy Chairperson (Treasurer and Comms till end 2006)
Grace Mukwaya:                           Academics and Facilities
Thabo Chelechele:                      International Liaison and Culture
Harris Chabunya:                        Sports and Recreation
Hira Katjepunda:                         Discipline and Safety and Security till end 2006
Hugo Paraskeva:                        Discipline and Safety and Security till end 2007


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