About us

Established in 1993, Tuksdorp is the largest Postgraduate residence of the University of Pretoria. We host Postgraduate and international students from all over the globe including Africa, Europe, Middle, Central and East Asia, USA and Canada. We have been successively the most integrated residence at the University of Pretoria. The different nationalities that are represented in Tuksdorp give the residents an opportunity to interact, create international professional networks and to learn different cultures. It is clear that Tuksdorp is a diverse complex where a wide variety of students from all walks of life meet with one common goal: to achieve academic excellence.


As an informal residence, Tuksdorp does not have "traditions" akin to those often found in the formal undergraduate residences. Tuksdorp's motto describes the spirit and orientation of its residence in a simple phrase: "Many Nations, One Spirit." This diversity helps residents to grow beyond those who aren't in the priviledged position to learn from one another.

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