Tuks Bophelong

Tuks Bophelong: Ubi Est Vita.

Just like the slogan says "where the life is", Tuks Bophelong is the place to be. the benefits of being in this mixed residence includes the Res being literally across the road from the medical campus and Steve Biko Academic Hospital; having an LAN cord in your single room; DSTV in the unity rec hall near our grab-and-go cafeteria and Tuks Bophelong being a self-catering residence. 

Tuks Bophelong lives by many principles and values that include compassion, respect, unity, integrity, inclusivity etc. this means that there is a variety of sports and cultural activities that one can take on that allow social cohesion and inclusivity of members in Tuks Bophelong.

Besides that, we take part in RAG events, community outreach events, cultural activities such as ienkmelodienk, social events such as the annual glow in the dark, house dinee and so much more. These bring about res pride among our residents and created a platform for friendships to be formed.

For academics, a mentor-Mentee STARS program is in place where by each first year is allocated a senior student, in their field of studying, to mentor and guide them to academic excellence. there is also a study and IT lab available for the residents to use.


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