The Republic of Olienhout , as the name indicates, got its name from the Olienhout tree. If one then has a look at the “coat of arms” one will notice the leaves and berries of the tree. However one will also notice the image of a Rhino. The Rhino is the Republic’s mascot.

The Mascot came into being shortly after the residence was established. A couple of seniors were out one night and upon returning they came across a wooden carved Rhino in someone’s garden. They duly removed it and brought it back with them. The next day however they guys felt guilty about having stolen the carving and put an advert in the newspaper saying the owner must contact them so that they could return it. The owner contacted the guys but instead of asking for the carving back he said they could keep it and so came into being, “Pendoring” the Rhino, who can be seen inside the Archive.


 Much later in about 1992 a concrete Rhino was built just outside the main foyer. His name is Rodney and is valuable member of The Republic.


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