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The Republic of Olienhout, as the name indicates, got its name from the Olienhout tree. If one then has a look at the “coat of arms” one will notice the leaves and berries of the tree and the image of a Rhino. The Rhino is the Republic’s mascot.  The Mascot came into being shortly after the residence was established. A couple of seniors were out one night and upon returning they came across a wooden carved Rhino in someone’s garden. They duly removed it and brought it back with them. The next day, however, they guys felt guilty about having stolen the carving and put an advert in the newspaper saying the owner must contact them so that they could return it. The owner contacted the guys but instead of asking for the carving back he said they could keep. “Pendoring” the Rhino can be seen inside the Archive.  Much later in about 1991 a concrete Rhino was built just outside the main foyer. His name is Rodney and he is valuable member of The Republic.



  • Celebrate our 50th existence year!!
  • 25th year as a Republic
  •  2nd in RAG procession
  • Winners of Ienkmelodienk; Best Theme, Best male Residence and Overall Winners
  •  4th in Serrie Finals



  • 2nd overall Male Residence of the Year
  • 3rd Male Academic Residence of the year
  • 3th in Culture
  • Male Sport Residence of the Year
  • 4rth in Serrie Finals (2nd in prelims)
  • 3rd in Valentine Basketball Tournament
  • 5th in RAG procession
  • 6th in Ienkmelodienk
  • Winners of Pot and Pons
  • Social Male Residence of the year (4th year in a row)
  • Winners of the annual Kaskar


  • Winners of Pot and Pons
  • Social Male Residence of the year (Third time winning it in a row)
  • 2nd Male Academic Residence of the year.
  • 2nd in Serrie
  • 2nd in Hockey
  • 3 Houtemen played for TUKS rugby 2nd team in Carlton Cup finals
  • 3rd in Expression
  • 3rd in Basketball league
  • 3 Houtemen play for Tuks barbarians rugby team
  • 4th in Ienkmelodienk


  • 6th place in Rag procession
  • 2nd place in 7-a-side tournament
  • Winners of the Basketball league
  • Amps motor returns to the Republic


  • 1st place Ienkmelodienk
  • 3rd place Serrie
  • 4th place Serenade
  • Sports Res of the year
  • Overall External culture Residence of the year
  • 6th place RAG procession


  • 2nd place Tuks Res Soccer League
  • 1st place fundraising
  • 4th place Male Residence of the year
  • 4th place Rag
  • Olienhout goes to Serrie finals
  • 3rd place in Rugby
  • Republic of Olienhout Celebrates 45 years (Feesjaar)
  • 1st place Basketball
  • 1st place Pot en Pons with Magrietjie(2009 Rag Partners)
  • 3rd place  Academics
  • Hector Beyers (2007 Cabinet)  becomes Chairperson for the SRC-2009


  • 4th place Ienkmelodienk
  • 1st place Rag Procession
  • 1st place Rag
  • 2nd  in Rugby
  • 1st place Basketball
  • 4th place Cricket
  • 4th place Academics
  • 1st place External Culture
  • 1st place Battle of the bands


  • 2nd place Rag Procession
  • 4th place Ienkmelodienk
  • 3rd place Supersport 7-a-side Soccer Tournament
  • 1st in Rugby
  • 1st in Cricket      
  • 2nd place Academics  
  • 1st in Squash Tournament
  • Winners of the annual Kaskar      


  • Our 1st team for squash wins their league for the second time in a row
  • Our first years wins Ienkmelodienk
  • We came second in Serrie
  • Our 1st rugby team plays in the semi-finals
  • We keep the second place for academics
  • A new RAG system is implemented and we end up with the beautifil Erika
  • Tour de Rhino is back on our social agenda
  • Olienhout hosts its own Survivor


  • We came second in Ienkmelodienk.
  • Through to the Luceum rugby finals
  • We won the basketball tournament
  • Through to the Serrie finals
  • Olienhout reaches out to the less fortunate through


  • Olienhout celibrates their 40th feesjaar!
  • RAG with Erika
  • Came second with our vlot
  • We went to Aardklop with Erika
  • Katjiepiering zoep, and we end up with each other for the second time in history


  • We won Culture External
  • Came in second – Culture Internal
  • Won trophy for best archive
  • Won Culture overall
  • 1st rugbyteam won Lyceum trophy
  • 1st hockey and soccer team through to semi-finals
  • Overall second place for Sport
  • Overall third place for Academy
  • Erika-zoep – a great success
  • Two of our first years attend the Rugby World Cup in Italy,representing SA 0/19!


  • Won Culture External
  • Second in Culture overall
  • Third in Sport
  • Olienhout won RAGvlot
  • We attend Aardklop accompanied by Magrietjie
  • We get a new House father
  • We have THREE 5th years in our Cabinet – first time ever
  • Magrietjie-zoep – finally after 5 years of trying..SUCCESS.


  • Olienhout wins RAG overall
  • Second place for Sport
  • We won Culture Internal
  • Overall second in Culture
  • Tour the Rhino – 100km bike ride to Lowveld
  • Four ladies resses zoeped,Jasmy won the battle
  • Hosts House Dance for the first time in 5years
  • Attending Grahamstown art festival
  • Olienhout gets our own ‘website’
  • The ‘ampsmotor ‘ returns with new oomphf!
  • Thabo Mbeki-Scandal: Two first years ‘steals’ SA’s new wapen, they got arrested and locked up. It was shown all over the news on SABC! Luckily all punishment they received were community service for one year!


  • Second place for Culture External
  • Our 1st rugby team as well as our 0/21’s through to the semi-finals
  • Former SP Roper as vice-president for the SRC
  • Matrix-zoep; biggest zoep ever
  • We attend Noot-vir-‘n-Noot two times
  • Oliehout gets our own chickenpair – Lolita and Pendoring


  • Feesjaar for the 35th year
  • Win Serrie overall
  • Win Culture overall
  • Win outdoor and indoor hockey
  • Win the Soccer league
  • RAG with the breathtaking ladies of Asterhof
  • Second place in RAGvlot


  • The Olienhout underpants sees the light again


  • Two of our rugby players represent SA 0/21


  • Second place for Sport
  • RAG with Magrietjie and win RAGvlot


  • We win Culture and Ienkmelodienk
  • Our 30th Feesjaar


  • Olienhout Rag with the new ladies res – Katjiepiering


  • We survive bur nearly ends up as ladies res


  • Olienhout as Republic with complete cabinet


  • Olienhout asks Jasmyn on Radio Jacaranda to be RAG partners


  • Our newspaper: Pendorinkie wins competition for the 4th time


  • We get our own res jacket


  • We get our own ’ampsmotor’


  • We get special Olienhout pins, a flag and underpants


  • Annelien Kriel visits Olienhout


  • Olienhout gets a special tie


  • Olienhout’s ‘grondwet’ gets approval from the HC


  • Olienhout is born with 130 attending first years an 8 seniors

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