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One day, you'll honestly want to say: "I made It."
— Houte men.

HK 2017/2018

HK 2017/2018

The best is yet to come.

Republic Of Olienhout

Republic Of Olienhout

Your home Away from Home.

Welcome to the Republic of Olienhout

Olienhout prides itself on its strong set of moral values and principles and believes every student should have the opportunity to enjoy a full student life.

Olienhout is also involved in a wide range of student activities from sports, culture to spirituality, RAG, socials and most important academic.

At the Republic of Olienhout we encourage all the citizens to pariticipate and develop themselves in these fields to become leaders and leave as experienced, well-rounded individuals.

-The Republic of Olienhout 2018

"Perfection? When you can look at your friends, family and loved ones in the eyes and say with complete conviction that you gave everything possible towards succeeding, then you are perfect." - Duncan Allen

Follow all events, sports, news, activities of the Republic on Facebook (Republic of Olienhout) and
 on twitter @Olienhout1964 and on Instagram @Olienhoutres


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