• Four doctorates graduate in Tourism Management

    Posted on July 01, 2015

    The Tourism Management Division – the smallest division in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences – proudly conferred four doctoral degrees at UP’s at 2015 Autumn Graduation Ceremony.

  • Major drive to promote youth tourism in Southern Africa

    Posted on May 05, 2015

    A very successful inaugural Southern Africa Youth in Tourism Conference with the theme ‘Promoting sustainable tourism development through the involvement and participation of the youth’ was held in Mauritius from 23 to 24 April 2015. During the conference, which was hosted by the...

  • Sustainable ecotourism explored in Soshanguve

    Posted on April 15, 2015

    Students in the Tourism Management Division recently visited Soshanguve and the Tswaing Crater as part of their Sustainable Ecotourism module, lectured by Prof Felicite Fairer-Wessels.

  • UP presents research results to national Department of Tourism

    Posted on April 10, 2015

    The Tourism Management Division presented the final results of a two-year research study, entitled A Model to Measure South Africa’s Tourism Competitiveness at the National Department of Tourism’s annual Tourism Research Seminar. The event is hosted to showcase funded research...

  • Cultivating sustainable and peaceful communities through tourism

    Posted on March 02, 2015

    The International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) recognised Prof Ernie Heath, from the Department of Business Management, for his role in advancing tourism as a force for peace and socio-economic upliftment in South and southern Africa since the mid-eighties. Prof Heath again shared...

  • What does the future hold for travel management companies?

    Posted on February 19, 2015

    Recent research in the Tourism Management Division scrutinised the use of technology to align the needs of corporate travel managers with the functions of travel management companies.

  • International visitors to the Tourism Management Division

    Posted on December 10, 2014

    The Tourism Management Division in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences recently hosted two international visitors. Prof Jarkko Saarinen from the University of Oulu in Finland and Dr Alessandro Inversini from the University of Bournemouth in the UK shared their expertise with the...

  • Three PhD oral defences for the Tourism Management Division

    Posted on December 03, 2014

    The Tourism Management Division successfully hosted three PhD (Tourism Management) oral defences in October 2014.

  • Tourism Management contributes to saving the rhino in South Africa

    Posted on April 09, 2014

    During 2014, the Tourism Management Division hosted two Save the Rhino events. The first was an exhibition in the Merensky Library of the University of Pretoria, where ceramic rhinos painted by students and lecturers were showcased. The second event was a

  • Have airlines created their own currency?

    Posted on April 07, 2014

    At the recent 17th Hamburg Aviation Conference in Germany, Prof Berendien Lubbe, of the Tourism Management Division in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, warned that the number of unredeemed passenger airline miles is reaching what some have

  • Masters students present research projects

    Posted on March 26, 2014

    Two masters degree students in Tourism Management had the opportunity to share their research projects with stakeholders from the tourism industry during a research seminar hosted by the National Department of Tourism in March 2014. The student projects f

  • Mobile devices in SA tourism industry

    Posted on March 17, 2014

    A research project done on mobile devices as a tourism distribution channel and the perceptions of visitors to national parks in South Africa found that visitors are not too keen to use the SANParks mobile website. In so far as the extent of the use of mo

  • Research on the use of information and communication technologies

    Posted on February 27, 2014

    A pilot study was conducted by Prof Felicite Fairer-Wessels of the Tourism Management Division amongst selected non-profit visitor information centres (VIC) to determine whether the information managers have sufficient knowledge management capabilities in

  • Students provide valuable insights into niche tourism markets for Gauteng

    Posted on December 09, 2013

    Travelling to Johannesburg to present your key research findings and strategic proposals to experienced industry stakeholders would be a daunting challenge for most students. However, Tourism Management honours students, as part of their destination marke

  • Students contribute towards saving the rhino

    Posted on November 27, 2013

    Students of the Tourism Management Division hosted two Save the Rhino events. The first was an exhibition in the Merensky Library of the University of Pretoria in October where ceramic rhinos, painted by students and lecturers, were showcased. The second

  • Research project on skills development framework for the sports tourism

    Posted on November 26, 2013

    Dr Felicit

  • A focus on Sports Tourism Skills Development

    Posted on November 22, 2013

    Elizabeth Kruger, of the Tourism Management Division, represented a team of researchers who shared their research findings on skills gaps in current sports training and opportunities available in South Africa.

  • UP to affirm South Africa as a top tourist destination

    Posted on November 05, 2013

    Leading academic in the field of national tourism destination competitiveness, Prof Geoffrey Crouch, of La Trobe University in Australia, recently visited UP to consult on the research project awarded to the Tourism Management Division by the National Dep

  • Strong educational links between Azerbaijan and SA discussed

    Posted on September 13, 2013

    Talks about the development of strong educational links between the republics of Azerbaijan and South Africa took place at the Tourism Management Division in the Faculty Economic and Management Sciences. Prof Dr Jafar Jafarov, Rector of the Azerbaijan

  • Expert talks about importance of academics

    Posted on August 26, 2013

    Dr Keith Mason, Head of the Air Transport Management Group and Director of the Business Travel Research Centre at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, recently visited the Tourism Management Division of the Faculty of Economic and Management Scienc

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