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Department of Biochemistry

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Malaria Parasite Molecular Biology

Lyn-Marie Birkholtz obtained a BSc in Genetics, Human Physiology and Biochemistry, and a BSc (Hons) and MSc in Biochemistry cum laude at the University of Pretoria.

Her PhD training was jointly performed in South African and at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Germany. After a postdoctoral fellowship, she joined the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Pretoria.

Prof Birkholtz has published numerous research articles, invited review articles and book chapters and has been awarded several Exceptional Young Scientists awards.


IRT-related research projects

Lyn-Marie Birkholtz heads the Malaria Parasite Molecular Laboratory (M2pl), with a wide interest in the physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology of malaria parasites. Much of her work is aimed at the design of novel antimalarial chemotherapeutics. Several projects involve genomics and functional genomics approaches in antimalarial drug discovery, including analyses of the functional consequences of treating malaria parasites in vitro with potential novel antimalarial drugs, genomic mapping of cell cycle regulators of malaria parasites and genomic analysis of transmittable forms of malaria parasites.


Description: jmn70056fa.pngKey Publications

Verlinden B, Niemand J, Snyman J, Sharma SK, Beattie RJ, Woster PM, Birkholtz, L (2011) Discovery of novel (bis)urea and (bis)thiourea-alkylated polyamine analogues with potent antimalarial activities. J Med Chem. 54: 6624-6633

Becker J, Mtwisha L, Crampton B, Stoychev S, van Brummelen, AC, Reeksting, S, Louw, AI, Birkholtz, L, Mancama, D (2010) Spermidine synthase inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum indicates perturbation-specific effects in the transcriptome and proteome. BMC Genomics 11: 1-16 


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