Professor Paulette Bloomer


Department of Genetics


Molecular Ecology and Evolution  

Paulette Bloomer obtained a PhD from the University of Pretoria (Department of Zoology and Mammal Research Institute). She undertook postdoctoral studies with John Avise (University of Athens, USA), Tim Crowe (UCT) and Terry Robinson (UP).

In 1999 she was appointed in the Department of Genetics at the University of Pretoria, with promotion to full professor in 2010. She is the current term head of the Department.

Professor Bloomer has an NRF C2 rating and has published more than 50 research papers, book chapters, technical reports and proceedings.

She has served on the councils of the SASSB and SAWMA.




IRT-related research

Paulete Bloomer leads the Molecular Ecology and Evolution Programme (MEEP), focussing on the phylogenetics, phylogeography and population genetics of a variety of animal species, with the aim of understanding the generation and maintenance of biodiversity. Population genomics research includes an FP7 IRSES collaboration with Lund University on avian genomics, with model systems on oceanic islands and African regions of high endemicity. Other genomics project aim to unravel speciation processes in the endemic yellowfishes and the threatened subterranean golden moles.


Key Publications

Ryan, PG, Bloomer, P, Molone,y CL, Grant, TJ, Delport W (2007) Ecological speciation in South Atlantic island finches. Science 315: 1420-1423

Russo, IM, Chimimba, CT, Bloomer, P (2010) Bioregion heterogeneity underlies extensive mitochondrial DNA diversity in the Namaqua rock mouse Micaelamys namaquensis Smith, 1834 (Rodentia: Muridae) species complex from southern Africa. BMC Evolut Biol. 10: 307

Ryan, PG, Bloomer, P (1999) The Long-billed Lark complex: A species mosaic in southwest Africa. The Auk 116: 194-208


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