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JUNIOR JURISTS [2019-2020]

Jonathan Buley, Marissa Badenhorst, Cama Coetzee, Matt van Rooyen, Ngwalemorwa Matsapola, Andrea Weideman, Leah Rees, Tshepeho Seobi, Helen Ranger, Precious MotlokwaneZander Pretorius, Joshua Eveleigh, Amy Pawson





On the 16th of October 2019, the SDAP together with the Junior Jurists went to Bramley Childrens home in Groenkloof  to conduct an outreach programme whereby we hosted certain games with underprivileged children, ate lunch together and donated certain articles to the children's home. We would like to thank Bramley for hosting us and it would be an absolute pleasure to return in future.





On the 31st of August 2019, the SDAP together with the Junior Jurists, held an Outreach Programme at Edward Pathudi Secondary School located in Pretoria. This outreach programme was specifically geared towards the preparation of learners for the transition into University. The nearly day-long project involved the speeches from some Panel Members and some Jurist members regarding the Application process to university, Funding and Bursaries and Aptitude tests. We also educated the learners on the various faculties that the University of Pretoria has on offer and their associated requirements.


The programme also included a conversation about lesser known realities of student life such as budgeting as a student, support services, healthy living and student accommodation. The programme concluded with 10 debate rounds whereby the learners competed against each other in a series of debates that was geared towards giving them a taste at what it may be like to be a lawyer. Our judges included some panel members and some Junior Jurists.


At the SDAP, we thoroughly believe in power of education. We strive to accommodate as many learners as possible with the intent of realising our fundamental right to Access to Education. We would like to Thank Edward Pathudi for hosting us and we look forward to working together with you in future.





The SDAP, with the aid of the Junior Jurists, collected the most amount of clothes ever donated to Community Engagement UP during the Winter period of 2019. Although much of what was achieved is admirable in its own right, we believe that such an effort raises awareness to the heightened levels of inequality faced by many students in the University of Pretoria. As such, we do believe that we need to encourage more students to donate any unwanted items of clothing in future as to mitigate the issue of clothing in the University.




On the 18th of May 2019, the SDAP together with the Junior Jurists went on an outreach to Wollies Animal Project located in Pretoria. Wollies Animal Project serves as a shelter for destitute animals, which specifically focuses on the rescuing and re-sheltering of animals. They provide shelter for a variety of animals ranging from different breeds of dogs and cats to horses. 


The SDAP and the Junior Jurists donated dog food and cat food to the shelter. We participated in the walking of various dogs around their premises and participated in the envious task of petting and comforting cats. We would like to Thank Wollies Animal Project for hosting us and we cannot stress just how important their work is for the betterment of our community.




The Siyakhula project is an annual Deloitte sponsored initiative with the aim to mentor, tutor and motivates Grade 10-12 learners from underprivileged schools. The first installment of the 2019 program ran from the 25thto the 29thof March and saw top learners from Reitumetse High School in Sonshanguve, Phelindaba Secondary School in Attridgeville, Ribane Laka High School in Mamelodi and Himalaya Secondary School in Laudium, convening at Pro Arte Alphen Park for a 5-day study camp. Other than academic tutoring, the Siyakhula project also provides some guidance on soft skills such as problem-solving, motivation, decision making, and self-awareness.


This year marks the 2ndyear that the SDAP outreach committee partners with Deloitte on the Siyakhula project. We provided tutors and invigilators for grades 10-12 Mathematics, English, and Accounting. While most of the tutors were part of the Junior Jurist subcommittee, we also sourced volunteers from the BCom faculty to tutor accounting as we were committed to providing the learners with the best tutoring they could receive. Panel members also tutored and invigilated when needed.

In addition to tutoring, in line with the aim of the soft skills of the Siyakhula project, the outreach committee arranged a moot court for the learners to develop their confidence and public speaking skills. The learners were coached by the Junior Jurists, who are law students, and in the space of a day presented impeccable and well thought out arguments. Some learners, who were adamant that law was not their future career, had changed their mind by the end of the moot session. The moot was made even more special as we had the honour and privilege of having Advocate Niël du Preez judge the learners as they battled it out in the ‘courtroom’. 

Advocate du Preez was also gracious enough to join in on the career evening, where professionals from various sectors gave the learners an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about prospective careers in their future.

Deloitte also arranged a games night for the learners, honing in on their teamwork skills, as well as a braai to improve the learners’ social skills. By the end of the week the learners went home with not only better Accounting, English and Maths skills, but with improved social skills, confidence and having made new friends. 

Overall it was a very fulfilling and worthwhile event and the outreach committee cannot wait for the second installment in September.




Testimonial attachments of Zander Pretorius and Ngwalemorwa Matsapola are as follows:



- Author Anika van der Westhuizen and Mosheledi Thato Mpye
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