What a START!

Posted on March 29, 2018

What a START!

2018 has been an incredible year so far for Dregeana! We would like to take a moment to reflect on what has happened during the first quarter for the Sons of Thunder.

Our major focus this quarter was undoubtedly our First Years, our Nergies! We started the year with Welcoming Day on the 27th of January followed by a jam-packed Welcoming Week program for the Nergies from the 29th of January to the 4th of February. On top of all the socials, lunches and sports days during Welcoming Week the Nergies also practiced for 1nSync and had their big performance on the Saturday night of Welcoming Week. We also had our 2 Nergie Camps this quarter. The first one from the 16th to 18th of February and the second one on the 10th of March. All our Nergies who went on one of the 2 Nergie Camps were invited to our Induction Ceremony where we officially welcomed the first years into the House. The Induction Ceremony was a big success and happened on the last day of the quarter, the 28th of March.

When it comes to RAG (Reaching out And Give) we have done plenty this year. Our RAG partnership with Klaradyn bloomed. Team Dregadyn (Dregeana + Klaradyn) took part in TuksRAG’s RAG Day of Hope event and ultimately won RAG 2018!!! Read more about this in the RAG Week article. Dregeana also participated in the Water Drive project from TuksRAG where we collected bottled water to send to Cape Town in their time of need. We collected 385l of water in one day! More than any other society or residence at UP.

This quarter also saw us battling it out again on the sports field. Our biggest victory was that our Nergies won the First Year Basketball Competition! We also competed in the First Year Football Tournament, the mixed Seniors Valentines Netball competition and the First Year mixed touch rugby and netball competition. The squash league is underway and we have 3 teams entered in this league. The Basketball league is also still ongoing and our basketball guys are good on track to win the league like we did in 2016. Dregeana also had a 4 x 100m relay team that took part in the Hostels relay at the Varsity Athletics competitions on the 2nd and 23rd of March and we finished 2nd on both occasions.

We had successful UP A Capella auditions and the final chosen group of guys have been practising very hard since February. Come August we will astound everyone with the musical brilliance of our guys. UP Sing and Dance practice have also commenced and will continue into the next quarter. Dregeana also exhibited its creative side with Expression that happened on the 26th of March where we also won Best Painting (Day Student) for one of our artworks.

What is a Day House without its occasional social? Besides all our First Year Socials in Welcoming Week we still had our fair share of socials this quarter. We had 2 Semi-Snr socials aimed at strengthening the bond between the Semi’s and Seniors of the House. We had our Feesjaar Build-up social with Vividus Ladies on the 15th of February. After both our AGM and our Induction Ceremony we had House Socials. On the 8th of February we had our Wedding social where we officially married House Klaradyn, our RAG Partners. Wie Maak Die Jool Vol happened on the 3rd of March and was an external event we partook in which was a big success. We finished 2nd in Wie Maak Die Jool Vol. We also had a House Social with the Ladies from Asterhof on the 8th of March. A lot of socials, a lot of fun!

We had our Annual raffle competition this quarter. We sold raffle tickets for R20 per ticket. The draw took place on the 28th of March where Sabrina da Silva was announced as the winner. Her prize is tickets to any 2018 South African music festival of her choice to the maximum value of R1500. Dregeana also had its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 19th of February with the House showing good attendance. This quarter also saw the implementation of our Mentorship Program, the Brogram! Semi’s and Seniors of the House were assigned Nergies based primarily on similar fields of study. The Semi/Senior (the big bro) has the responsibility to Mentor the Nergies (his little bro). Through the Brogram we give our Nergies academic, social and emotional support. We had a Mentorship Braai where we also gave the Nergies and their Mentors an opportunity to bond.

All in all this was an extremely busy quarter. But more importantly, it was an extremely fun and successful quarter for Dregeana Day House!

- Author Arend Kahlau
Published by Erika Roux

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