Our Nergie Camps

Posted on March 16, 2018

The annual two Nergie camps are usually one of the highlights of the ‘First Year experience’ provided by Dregeana Day House and that was no different this year. Nergie camp was held at Altelekker Youth camp this year and it was truly an unforgettable weekend, the weekend was filled with fun team building games, some one-on-one time between the Nergies and the members of the Executive Committee and, the most exciting part, the element of competition between the 4 Nergie teams for the chance to win The Nergie Cup (this year going to team Baratheon). If it wasn’t obvious by the previous side note, the entire camp is based around the Nergies being divided into 4 teams themed as 4 Houses from Game of Thrones, the competition is embedded in every facet of the camp and, by these means, a brotherhood is forged between the Nergies that persists for years to come. Most importantly, these camps are not for hazing as is sometimes assumed, but rather is an opportunity for the Nergies to build relationships amongst one another and with the EC members. It is an incredible experience for every Nergie and is the gateway to becoming an official inducted member of the House.

-Brandon Kleynhans (First Year Guardian)

- Author Brandon Kleynhans (First Year Guardian)
Published by Erika Roux

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