Day House and Faculty House awards ceremony

Posted on October 06, 2017

The annual Day and Faculty House awards ceremony was hosted by the Student Development unit on the 28th of September.  At this event the achievements of the Day and Faculty Houses were celebrated through various awards and acknowledgements.

Day and Faculty Houses apply annually for awards in various categories.  The applications are adjudicated on prescribed criteria by an adjudication panel that consisted of the Head of Student Development, the Co-ordinator of Day Houses, the Co-ordinator of Faculty Houses, a member of the SRC and a judge of the constitutional tribunal.  Awards are presented to the Day or Faculty House respectively that scored the highest aggregate.

The winners of the 2016-2017 awards were:

Day Houses:     Faculty Houses:  
Treasurer Award Luminous    Treasurer Award EBIT
Webmaster Award Vividus Ladies   Webmaster Award House Humanities 
Excellence in service Vividus Men   Community Service Award OPVSC
Campus Awareness Award Vividus Ladies   First Year Program Award House Theology 
RAG Award Vividus Men   Personal Development Award House Humanities 
Sport Award Vividus Men   Professional Development Award Law House
Culture Award Vividus Men   Academic Support Award House Theology 
Administration and Governance Award Vividus Men   Faculty Involvement Award Health House
Innovation Award Vividus Men   Administration and Governance Award Commercii 
First Year Program Award Vividus Men   Campus Awareness Award Law House
Most Improved  Docendo   Award for Extracurricular activities Commercii 
      Innovation Award Health House


Day House of the Year: Vividus Men Faculty House of the Year:  OPVSC



Day and Faculty House Guardians of the year was awarded to Dr Kershney Naidoo and Dr Quenton Kritzinger respectively. 


SRC Acknowledgement for leadership certificates were awarded to each EC member of a Day and Faculty House that completed their term. 

The Student Development unit would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to each and every student leader for their faithful service and commitment and a special thank you to the House Guardians and other members of staff that supported our student leaders in their endeavours.



Published by Erika Roux

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