2020 Elections

2020 Student Leadership Elections


Do you consider yourself a leader?


Are you interested in Leadership at UP? You should be!


Applications are officially open for the 2020/21 Student Leadership terms


Which structures can I run for?

There are a total of 20 structures that falls under the Division of Student Development. Students can run for the Executive Committee (EC) of any one of these structures. Some structures might require prior involvement to be eligible to run for EC. The structures are split into 4 groups: Day Houses, Faculty Houses, Key Committees and Special Committees.

Day Houses
There are 4 Day Houses at UP where students can run for EC: Docendo, Dregeana, Luminous & Vividus

Faculty Houses
All students at UP already fall under one of the official UP Faculties. Students are able to run for EC for their respective faculty according to their studies. The 9 Faculty Houses at UP are: EBIT, Commercii, Health House, House Education, House Humanities, House Theology and Religion, Law House, NATHouse & OPVSC

Key Committees
There are 3 Key Committees, each one with a very specific purpose. Stuku - Student Culture; Student Sport Committee (SSC) - Student Sport & UP RAG - Community Engagement and Outreaches

Special Committees
There are 3 Special Committees under Student Development: Enactus UP, Golden Key UP & STARS Mentorship


Who can run?

Any registered UP student with an academic average for the 2020 first semester of above 60%. (No, 59.9% is not enough)


How do I apply?

Reach out to your structure of choice that you would like to apply for. Go to the Menu Tab item labelled "Student Development Structures" and click on the relevant structure. This link will take you to their specific UP webpage where you will find their contact details. All of these structures are also active on social media, meaning you fine them there as well. Through the specific structure you will get access to a structure-specific application form which you will have to submit to the relevant structure before the due date.


How will elections work?

After the application/nomination process closes, all candidates who meet the requirements will be put on an e-ballot and the elections will happen completely online in October. All students that form part of the specific structure will be able to vote throughout the duration of 3 days for their candidates of choice. All election results will be made know no later than 2 days after the online elections have closed.


Important Dates
7 September Nominations Open - Day Houses, Key Committees & Special Committees
10 September Nominations Open - Faculty Houses
21 September Nominations Close - Day Houses, Key Committees & Special Committees
25 September Nominations Close - Faculty Houses
5 - 7 October Online Elections - Day Houses & Special Committees
7 - 9 October Online Elections - Key Committees
14 - 16 October Online Elections - Faculty Houses



For more information contact the specific structure that you would like to run for or would like more information from.




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