Dr D.A. Burger

Tel: 012 420 4621

Email: [email protected]

Position: Senior Lecturer

Academic qualifications: PhD Mathematical Statistics (University of the Free State)

Research interests: Bayesian inference, linear and nonlinear mixed modeling 

NRF Rating: Y1

Subjects lectured: 

2019-current: BME 210 (Biometry), BME 780 (Biometry), MBS 700 & 800 (Biostatistics), STK 320 (Statistics)

2018: BME 210 (Biometry), BME 780 (Biometry), MBS 700 & 800 (Biostatistics), STK 320 (Statistics)

2017: BME 210 (Biometry), BME 780 (Biometry), MBS 700 & 800 (Biostatistics), STK 320 (Statistics)

2016: BME 120 (Biometry)

Google Scholar profile: https://scholar.google.co.za/citations?user=VyWqdW0AAAAJ&hl=en

ORCID ID: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8096-6371


Recent publications:
  1. Burger, D.A. and Schall, R., 2015. A Bayesian nonlinear mixed-effects regression model for the characterization of early bactericidal activity of tuberculosis drugsJournal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics25(6), 1247-1271.
  2. Dawson, R., Diacon, A.H., Everitt, D., Van Niekerk, C., Donald, P.R., Burger, D.A., Schall, R., Spigelman, M., Conradie, A., Eisenach, K., Venter, A., Ive, P., Page-Shipp, L., Variava, E., Reither, K., Ntinginya, N.E., Pym, A., Von Groote-Bidlingmaier, F. and Mendel, C.M., 2015. Efficiency and safety of the combination of moxifloxacin, pretomanid (PA-824), and pyrazinamide during the first 8 weeks of antituberculosis treatment: a phase 2b, open-label, partly randomised trial in patients with drug-susceptible or drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis. The Lancet, 385(9979), 1738-1747.
  3. Diacon, A.H., Dawson, R., Von Groote-Bidlingmaier, F., Symons, G., Venter, A., Donald, P.R., Van Niekerk, C., Everitt, D., Hutchings, J., Burger, D.A., Schall, R. and Mendel, C.M., 2015. Bactericidal activity of pyrazinamide and clofazimine alone and in combinations with pretomanid and bedaquilineAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 191(8), 943-953.
  4. Phillips, P.P., Mendel, C.M., Burger, D.A., Crook, A.M., Nunn, A.J., Dawson, R., Diacon, A.H. and Gillespie, S.H., 2016. Limited role of culture conversion for decision-making in individual patient care and for advancing novel regimens to confirmatory clinical trialsBMC Medicine14(1), 19.
  5. Turecek, P.L., RomederFinger, S., Apostol, C., Bauer, A., CrockerBuqué, A., Burger, D.A., Schall, R. and Gritsch, H., 2016. A worldwide survey and field study in clinical haemostasis laboratories to evaluate FVIII: C activity assay variability of ADYNOVATE and OBIZUR in comparison with ADVATEHaemophilia22(6), 957-965.
  6. Schall, R., Burger, D.A. and Luus, H.G., 2016. Accuracy and precision of alternative estimators of ectoparasiticide efficacyVeterinary Parasitology223, 50-56.
  7. Schall, R., Burger, D.A. and Erasmus, T.P., 2016Effect of uncertainty in total parasite infestation on accuracy and precision of estimates of ectoparasiticide efficacyVeterinary Parasitology230, 6-8.
  8. Burger, D.A. and Schall, R., 2018. Robust fit of Bayesian mixed effects regression models with application to colony forming unit count in tuberculosis researchStatistics in Medicine37(4), 544-556.
  9. Burger, D.A., Schall, R. and Chen, D.-G., 2018. Robust Bayesian nonlinear mixed-effects modeling of time to positivity in tuberculosis trialsPharmaceutical Statistics17(5), 615-628.
  10. Burger, D.A., Schall, R., Jacobs, R. and Chen, D.-G., 2019. A generalized Bayesian nonlinear mixedeffects regression model for zeroinflated longitudinal count data in tuberculosis trials. Pharmaceutical Statistics, 18(4), 420‑432.
  11. Abate, B.A., Slippers, B., Wingfield, M.J., Conlong, D.E., Burger, D.A. and Hurley, B.P., 2019. Virulence and survival of native entomopathogenic nematodes for the management of white grubs in South Africa. Biological Control, 137, 104043.
  12. Tweed, C.D., Dawson, R., Burger, D.A., Conradie, A., Crook, A.M., Mendel, C.M., Conradie, F., Diacon, A.H., Ntinginya, N.E., Everitt, D.E., Haraka, F., Li, M., Van Niekerk, C.H., Okwera, A., Rassool, M.S., Reither, K., Sebe, M.A., Staples, S., Variava, E. and Spigelman, M., 2019. Bedaquiline, moxifloxacin, pretomanid, and pyrazinamide during the first 8 weeks of treatment of patients with drug-susceptible or drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis: a multicentre, open-label, partially randomised, phase 2b trial. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 7(12), 1048-1058.
  13. Diacon, A.H., De Jager, V., Dawson, R., Narunsky, K., Vanker, N., Burger, D.A., Everitt, D.E., Pappas, F., Nedelman, J. and Mendel, C.M., 2020. Bactericidal activity, safety, and pharmacokinetics of linezolid in adults with drug-sensitive pulmonary tuberculosis. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 64(4), e02012-19.
  14. Burger, D.A., Schall, R., Ferreira, J.T. and Chen, D.-G., 2020. A robust Bayesian mixed effects approach for zero inflated and highly skewed longitudinal count data emanating from the zero inflated discrete Weibull distribution. Statistics in Medicine, 39(9), 1275-1291.
  15. Burger, D.A. and Lesaffre, E., 2021. Nonlinear mixed-effects modeling of longitudinal count data: Bayesian inference about median counts based on the marginal zero-inflated discrete Weibull distribution. Statistics in Medicine, 40(23), 5078-5095.
  16. Burger, D.A., Schall, R. and Van der Merwe, S., 2021. Robust methods for the assessment of average bioequivalence in the presence of outliers and skewness. Pharmaceutical Research (in production).
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