Dr. Grant Hall

PhD Archaeology, University of the Witwatersrand

MSc Archaeology, UCT

BSc Hons, UCT

Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA)


Stable Isotope Laboratory Manager

Office: 1-19, Ground Floor, Botany Building

Phone: +27 (0)12 420-4985

Email: [email protected]

Researcher ID: J-9886-2016

Stable isotope ecology and paleo-environmental reconstruction

Due to the broad applications of stable isotope analysis (SIA), my research interests are diverse and include the use of stable isotope analysis to understand aquatic ecosystems, the potential of SIA as a forensic tool for curbing the illegal trading of protected species (e.g. Sungazer lizards) and a range of archaeological projects, including the isotopic analysis of faunal material and mollusks to reconstruct past environmental conditions during the Iron Age and SIA of residues from ceramics to elucidate dietary practices. I am also interested in improving and developing novel methods to prepare a wide range of sample material for isotopic analysis.

Currently I am a co-principal investigator with Dr. Stephan Woodborne from iThemba Labs (Johannesburg) using stable isotope analysis and radiocarbon dating of several indigenous long-lived tree species (including baobabs, yellowwoods and camel-thorns) to generate a 1000-year record of past rainfall patterns across southern Africa and south western Madagascar. Together with a number of colleagues from the United Kingdom, Romania, Madagascar and Germany we are gaining a better understanding of the operation of southern African climate systems both in the past, present and future. The applications of this data include climate modelling, the effects of climate change on biodiversity and Iron Age communities in the Limpopo Valley.

The stable isotope laboratory is a dynamic environment for students to gain practical experience and stable isotope theory and I encourage students to come and spend time in the laboratory.


Postgraduate students


Ms. Meryllin Deuer. MSc in Zoology

Mr. Rowan Jordaan. MSc in Zoology

Mr. Tapera Elias Mangwende. MSc (Agric) Agronomy

Ms. Shannon Conradie. BSc Honours in Zoology

Ms. Chantalle Dominique Kruger. BA Honours in Archaeology


Ms. Marie de Vos. BSc Honours in Zoology (2015)

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