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“An abuser isn't abusive every hour of every day. That's what makes abuse so confusing when it happens” – Anon

Welcome to the University of Pretoria #SpeakOutUP page

The University of Pretoria has committed itself to providing a non-sexist, non-discriminatory, working, living and study environment for staff and students.

We acknowledge that the preservation of human dignity and the discouragement of offensive behaviour are an important part of this environment. The University adopts a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of harassment. Sexual harassment in particular, is an unacceptable infringement of the core values of integrity, human dignity, privacy and mutual respect.

The University is currently revising its discrimination and harassment policies to create one umbrella policy. This policy will further advance non-discrimination and combat harassment on the basis of sexuality, gender, race, nationality etc.

Accordingly, the #SpeakOutUP campaigns aims to create an environment that provides educational support to students and staff. We encourage you to visit our webpage regularly as regular updates and content will be posted.

Break the silence - #SpeakOutUP.


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