About the Programme

The Monsanto/Research Solutions Collaborative Research Programme is an initiative by Monsanto South Africa as part of its ongoing commitment to be an innovative, agricultural company that creates relevant solutions for growers, consumers and the environment.

The research component of the Programme investigates the state of glyphosate-resistant weeds in South Africa and assesses the plant mechanisms involved in resistance to the world’s most popular herbicide. The emphasis is on factors affecting weed resistance, and ways to overcome and avoid resistance from taking hold. The programme also considers opportunities for amending current research protocol that applies to weed resistance research, suggesting what sort of amendments are likely to improve research techniques and make research findings applicable to practical situations. 
An important down-stream facet of the programme is the dissemination of research findings in both scientific and popular media, with the ultimate aim of providing facts and perspective on the issues pertaining to GM crops, weed resistance to glyphosate, and the associated “best agricultural practices”. In this way, through both research and advocacy approaches, the programme aims to both inform global efforts to manage herbicide resistance effectively and to contribute knowledge that can increase farmers’ profit margins and secure rural livelihoods, especially in developing countries on the African continent.
The Research Programme is led by Professor Carl Frederick Reinhardt, better known as Prof Charlie.


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