Video: Pretoria’s air is two times more polluted than the World Health Organisation allows.

4 September 2020

Watch this short video which takes us through how air pollution is linked with human ill health, such as respiratory disease, and the links which UP researchers, Dr Bukola Olutola and Prof Janine Wichmann, have found between air pollution and respiratory disease on cold and warm days in a study carried out in Secunda.

Dr Olutola is an epidemiologist, a lecturer in Public Health at IIE MSA  (formerly Monash) and an extraordinary lecturer at the School of Health Systems and Public Health, University of Pretoria. Her research interest is investigating the health effects of environmental contaminants such as air pollutants, especially on women and children. Prof Janine Wichmann is an environmental epidemiologist and Head of the Environmental and Occupational Sciences Division, School of Health Systems and Public Health, at the University of Pretoria.