UP: A World of Answers

13 December 2019

At the University of Pretoria, we find answers.

If the path ends, we start a new one. If there’s no tool for what we want to do, we create one. If there’s no formula to solve a problem, we write one.

This is how we became one of Africa’s top universities. And why we are one of the leading universities in the world.

It’s how we produce socially impactful and innovative research to find solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. How we help graduates become responsible citizens, using innovation to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

This is how we find answers:

We’ve collaborated and partnered to find the origins of humanity. We’ve helped map out the first image of a black hole shadow, which seems to suggest that Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity was correct. We’ve reversed hearing loss with the world’s first middle ear transplant using 3D-printed bones.

To ensure that we continue to provide a world of answers, we’ve created homes for our vision, for a future that understands the past, builds on what we know, and looks forward to creating a new world:

The Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria is a space that highlights what makes us human and traces the story of who we are, where we’re from, and provides a home for the art of Africa in the heart of Pretoria.

Future Africa is a multi- and transdisciplinary research hub with a continental view, designed to help researchers from all over the continent come together to live and work in a sustainable, diverse and equitable manner to provide answers to the grand challenges facing Africa and the world.

Engineering 4.0 is a partnership between UP, the South African National Roads Agency and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research which uses our cutting-edge research and technology to help shape the future of transport. This includes research on topics covering everything from road surfaces to smart cars and smart public transport systems.

Innovation Africa at UP is a smart agriculture project which sees UP collaborating with the government to advance the agricultural sector and create agricultural production systems that are sustainable, easy to implement, environmentally friendly and resilient in the face of climate change.

We’ve set our sights on striving for excellence in teaching and learning. We develop real-world skills to generate innovative and creative solutions that have a positive impact on society. We live by our guiding principles of ethics, social justice and equity.

University of Pretoria. Discover a world of answers.