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Welcome to Research Matters. This curated site highlights some of the University of Pretoria’s most impactful and innovative research which addresses some of our society’s most pressing concerns so that we can transform lives and communities. We are rated as the number one university in South Africa for research outputs. Our vision is to be a leading research-intensive university in Africa that is recognised internationally for its quality, relevance and impact. We develop people, create knowledge and strive to make a difference locally and internationally.

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    Looking at blood differently

    How can we improve diagnoses and treatment for a better outcome for patients, and really provide targeted care? It starts with putting blood under the magnifying glass.

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    Food Security in Rural South Africa - Homegrown solutions for South Africa's hungry

    South Africans are hungry. That is the harsh reality faced by poor communities that make up more than half of the population. The masses simply aren't eating a diet that is diverse or wholesome enough to get the right amount of nourishment they need

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    Fuel for the future

    With dwindling fossil fuel reserves, a global energy crisis is looming. It is estimated that current global oil reserves will only last another 53 years, while coal and natural gas reserves will only stretch to another 109 and 56 years, respectively.

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    Can we eliminate malaria in South Africa by 2018?

    Malaria is a complex disease that has devastated Africa and parts of South Africa. Researchers at the University of Pretoria Institute for Sustainable Malaria Control are combining research disciplines to understand and control malaria.

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    Ubuntu’s meaning and value in human and social development in Africa

    Prof James Ogude, Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship, and a multidisciplinary team of researchers have been focusing on this African philosophy.

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    Extreme climates

    We live at a time where our resources – social, economic and environmental – are more at risk than ever before. Global warming is causing climate patterns to change – think higher temperatures and decreased rainfall.

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  • #1 University in SA in Engineering, Economics & Business, Microbiology and Plant & Animal Sciences
  • Top 1% Globally in 13 of the 22 Essential Science Indicator (ESI) fields

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