Skills training for the workplace

You need more than a degree to find a job. In addition to your academic qualification, employers are increasingly expecting soft skills. Ensure that you are competitive when entering the job market by acquiring additional skills while at university. Many of these are free of charge and only require a limited amount of time and effort. Skills that can be acquired while at the University include:


  • UPO and AIM modules for computer and writing skills 
  • Skills training courses. For access to free on-line skills courses click here 
  • Mentorship programmes

Being a mentor or a mentee has certain advantages: Being a mentor provides you with the opportunity to learn and participate in community service which will be a great addition to your CV. As a mentee, having a mentor will provide you with the support and guidance both on a personal and academic level. The Youth Village website provides information of organisations delivering mentorship programmes. 

Stars mentorship programme: The aim of the programme is to assist first year students with their adjustment from high school to varsity life by supporting them socially and emotionally in order to boost their academic performance. For more information click here

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