Start building your CV

Take responsibility for your own employability by preparing for a job while still at university, preferably from your first year. You can start building your CV, create a digital profile and be ready to enter the world of work by the time you graduate.  


Why you need to start early to build both your CV and digital profile during your years at UP

A degree is no longer enough to guarantee your employment. Nowadays companies are looking for work-ready graduates with job-specific skills in addition to academic qualifications. Your CV and digital profile are the first things employers consider when determining if you are the graduate they are mostly likely to employ. It tells prospective employers about your academic career as well as employability experience you have obtained. Remember, at this stage employers are looking at your potential based on more than your academic qualification.

You should therefore endeavour to build a comprehensive CV, preferably from your first year by doing the following:

Factors to consider when building your CV

  • Plan your career

Career planning is very important as it not only allows for direction in terms of an individual career path and goals but also allows for the successful transition from academics to the work place.  Enrol for a free on-line course in Career Planning.

  • Get your certificates

To make your CV attractive to prospective employers it is important that you add a variety of certificates (skills and work experience) of your different accomplishments to enhance your chances to be competitive in the job market.

  • How to compile your CV and digital profile.

Template for CV compilation –TuksCareers and Careers24

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