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The Itsoseng Psychological Clinics' main focus is to offer a psychological service to the university students and community. 
Itsoseng aims to develop needs into opportunities by providing  services such as psycho-education through workshops, seminars and  interest-group discussions  relevant to specific needs in the Mamelodi community. These include  areas such as family life, parent-child relationships, dealing with addictions in the family, etc. Primary services offered include counselling for individuals , couples and families  experiencing  a variety of problems, psychological assessment, and career guidance.
Itsoseng aims to address community support and therapeutic needs by:  
  • conducting continuous context-specific research;
  • acting as a training base where we provide opportunity for internships of psychology students and a site for continuous training of post graduate students;
  • providing psychotherapy to members of the community;
  • involvement in community engagement initiatives;
  • training students to work and provide services in intercultural settings;
  • offering a collaborative volunteering learning environment for student organisations
  • mental health care needs
  • depression
  • stress-related conditions
  • learning problems experienced by learners and students
  • domestic violence
  • women and child abuse
  • rape counselling
  • counselling on addressing destructive coping skills, such as drug abuse, violence, aggression, etc.
Itsoseng provides preventative interventions such as psycho-education, i.e. workshops about the above conditions as well as strategies to prevent negative outcomes. The clinic strives to provide a context sensitive service.
We are continuously conducting research on  best practice and culturally sensitive approaches to therapy, counselling and social support. In addition, the clinic aims at providing quality care and opportunities for community members to experience growth, development and healing.
The clinic also provides opportunities for youth to be identified to participate in projects, developing self, capacity and skills to become autonomous, self-sufficient, leaders building into the community. The aim is to support the community in taking ownership and introducing initiative for growth and development.
Please contact the Itsoseng Clinic at the University of Pretoria, Mamelodi Campus directly for assistance on:
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