Wildlife and Poverty

Africa is rich in wildlife but many of the rural communities living in such areas are chronically poor and do not benefit from this resource. They might be prevented from utilizing their local wildlife, perceive them as a threat to personal safety and crops, or have their cattle trade constrained due to diseases that local wildlife carry. We seek to explore how local people perceive and utilize wildlife, how they can benefit optimally from wildlife and how younger generations can be influenced to preserve their heritage.

Current projects:
  1. Role of Wildlife in Poverty Alleviation
  • This project will assess poor, rural communities’ perceptions, utlization and expectation of wildlife close to national game reserves, in South Africa and Uganda
  • Postdoctoral project: Dr Bosco Kalule
  • PhD project: Dr Liesl De Boni
  1. Community-Based Conservation: Socio-economic evaluation of a community crocodile facility.
  • The crocodile industry in South Africa has done much to conserve the Nile crocodile through development of captive breeding programmes and thus removing any need to take eggs or animals from the wild
  • This project seeks to assess how poor, rural communities can benefit from the captive breeding and utilisation of captive crocodile populations
  • PhD project: currently under development
Published by Linda Poggenpoel

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