Professor Rashri Baboolal-Frank

Position, academic, qualifications

Professor Rashri Baboolal-Frank joined the Department of Procedural Law in the Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria as a lecturer in February 2014. Prior to joining the University she practised as an attorney in Cape Town, Western Cape. She practised commercial litigation, criminal law, general litigation and resolution of property disputes. Subsequently to gaining experience as an attorney, she sought to become an advocate. She has removed herself as a practising attorney and enrolled as an advocate after completing the necessary pupillage training and required exams. Prof. Baboolal-Frank was promoted to Senior Lecturer in February 2019. Prof. Baboolal-Frank was promoted to Associate Professor in January 2023.

She completed her LLB at the University of KwaZulu Natal. She obtained her Master’s degree in Commercial Law (LLM) from the University of Cape Town. She completed her LLD from the University of Pretoria entitled “A Critical Analysis of Tribunals in South Africa to create a harmonised tribunal system”. She completed the AFSA postgraduate certficate course in Alternative Dispute Resolution in conjunction with the University of Pretoria cum laude. She holds her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom.

Prof. Baboolal-Frank is a leader in her field. She has successfully won numerous cases as the leading counsel for litigious cases. She is cited by her peers in academic work. She has been contacted by the media to give her legal opinion. She is often invited as a book reviewer for books that are published in her field and are internationally recognised. She is a peer reviewer for more than 10 international and national journals that are recognised, accredited and indexed. She has been invited as a keynote speaker for an international  prestigious conference relating to current issue pertaining to Business Law in 2022.

Teaching activities

Prof. Baboolal-Frank lectures Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution. She also lectures in the LLM programme in Evidence. She lectures and is the course leader for the specialised LLM in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She is the lecturer and course leader and developer for the online courses of Compliance Management and Court Annexed Mediation offered through UP Enterprises.

She is currently the course leader, developer and creator for the Online Postgraduate Labour Dispute Resolution Diploma, the first online degree for the Faculty of Law, which will be offered in 2022, subject to SAQA approval.

Areas of specialisation

Civil procedure, access to justice, tribunals, alternative dispute resolution, procedural law, property law to name some areas of interest.


  1. Presented at SAJHR Conference: Transformation and the Courts Conference; paper was entitled: ‘An Analysis of the Specialised Courts and Tribunals in Easing the Backlog to the Mainstream Courts in South Africa’ University of Witwatersrand
  1. Presented at the Conference on Sustainable Development in Greece; paper entitled: ‘Revolutionising the Civil Courts in South Africa through Information Technology’
  1. Presented at the Klibel Conference on the themed conference of “Perspectives of Business, Economics and Law in the New Frontier” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; paper entitled: ‘Specialised Tribunals in South Africa and Access to Justice’
  1. Presented at ICIL 2016 Conference on “The Use of Information Technology and South African courts” in South Africa: 2016
  1. To Present at the Twelfth PPJ Course and Conference 2017 on “Civil Litigation in Tribunals in South Africa: Creating a Singular System” in Dubrovnik: 2017
  1. CAJAC Conference 2017 International Conference on China-Africa Arbitration in Cape Town: 2017
  1. MIT COVID-19 Challenge: Beat the Pandemic II presented slides and a pitch for implementing new methodology for online education. Virtual presentation :2020


Peer reviewed Conference Proceedings (DHET Approved)

  1. Scientific Journal for Theory and Practice of Socio-economic Development Socioeconomica conference paper was entitled: ‘A Discussion of the Jurisdiction of Tribunals in South Africa’ May 2016. Published in Conference proceedings pp.27-35 (DHET)
  1. Conference Proceedings ICIL 2016 held in Pretoria (February 22-23) ‘The Use of Information Technology in Courts’ in ICIL 2016 7th International Conference on Information Law and Ethics Broadening the Horizons of Information Law and Ethics A Time for Inclusion pp. 441-453 (DHET)

Refereed Journals and Appeared Publications: 

  1. R Baboolal-Frank, G Chux and M Zenzile ‘The Migrant Worker and Legislative Protection. A Discussion of the South Africa Experience’ (July 2015) Vol 4 No.7 Scientific Journal for Theory and Practice of Socio-economic Development Socioeconomica pp. 83-94 (IBSS)
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11. R Baboolal-Frank ‘An analysis of sectional title disputes in South Africa’Journal of International Dispute Settlement  (2020) Volume 11 Issue 4 pp 659-670 (WOS) (Scopus) (h index=17)

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16. R Baboolal-Frank "The pandemic hype and the consequential disruptions to routine vaccinations" International Journal of Health Sciences (2022) Special Issue pp.6033-6038 (Scopus) (h index=6)

17.R Baboolal-Frank "Immune response towards viral and bacterial infections due to COVID-19" International Journal of Health Sciences (2022) Special Issue pp.3321-3326 (Scopus) (h index=6).

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Refereed Chapter Publications:

20. R Baboolal-Frank “Civil Litigation in Tribunals in South Africa: Creating a Singular System” in Transformation of Civil Justice Unity and Diversity Springer: 2018 pp.81-96 (DHET)

21. R Baboolal-Frank ‘South Africa‘(SudAfrica) in “La prueba en el processo. Perspectivas nacionales” Publisher: Tirant Lo Blanch 2018 ISBN 9788491909514 pp.733-734 (peer reviewed)

22. GE Kamga & R Baboolal-Frank "Rule of Law and the principle of non-refoulement an appraisal of the human rights protection of Refugees in South Africa" in Realising the Socioeconomic Rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Africa (2022) Palgrave Publisher. (DHET subsidy will be applied for in August 2022)

Book Review

23. R Baboolal-Frank ‘Class Action Litigation in South Africa’ South African Journal for Human Rights Volume 35 Issue 4 of 2019 (published February 2020) pp.1-4 (IBSS) (h index=12)

24. R Baboolal-Frank "Pursuing Justice in Africa" African Studies Review Volume 64(2) (2021) pp.E12-E14. (IBSS) (h index=44)

Textbook Contribution

25. R Baboolal-Frank “Chapter 2 Structure and Officers of the Courts” and “Chapter 15 Settlement Offers or Tenders, Security for Costs and Mediation” (updates for 2021) in the Fundamental Principles of Civil Procedure textbook by Boraine et al published by LexisNexis South Africa.

Book Contribution

26. R Baboolal-Frank "Appraisal of Foreign Tribunal Systems" (2022) ISBN: 9789994981564 Eliva Press pp.1-93 (peer reviewed)

Affiliation and Membership

Prof. Baboolal-Frank has been appointed to the General Commercial and Mediation Panel of AFSA (Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa).  She is a member of the Legal Practice Council. She is a member of the International Association of Procedural Lawyers. She is a panel member of the Board of the South African Veterinary Council.

Tel:  +27 (0)12 420 4708

Fax:  +27 (0)12 420 4405

Email:  [email protected]

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