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The Pretoria Student Law Review (PSLR) at the University of Pretoria is a student-driven initiative that provides an interactive forum for students, academics and legal professionals to discuss topical legal matters. The approach is experimental, investigative, and sometimes challenging - it is not conventional.

The first volume was published at the beginning of 2008 (2007 edition), and all the volumes are available in hard copy and electronic format.

Copies of the PSLR are distributed to all the law faculties in South Africa, including many universities in Africa. Also, copies are sent to judges and law firms around the country.

South Africa, the continent and the world at large are on the cusp of a new era - socially, economically and politically. With the uncertainties that the future holds, law students at the University of Pretoria have a duty to utilise the unique position that they are in to challenge the status quo.

University is about more than an academic transcript, and the University of Pretoria strives to offer students a rounded higher education experience. Students of the Faculty of Law must not be complacent; they must strive for the enforcement of the rule of law. They are encouraged to ask questions, and demand answers. Students are also encouraged to be relentless in their search for truth and justice.

The PSLR provides a forum for critical thinking, argument and debate. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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